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Desired Capabilities in Selenium Testing With Examples

Desired Capabilities is a class used to declare a set of basic requirements such as combinations of browsers, operating systems, browser versions, etc. to perform automated cross browser testing of a web application. When we try to automate our test scripts through Selenium automation testing, we need to consider these combinations to declare a specific test environment over which our ...

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22 Reasons Why Test Automation Fails For Your Web Application

I can relate to the feeling where you wish to achieve flawless automation testing in the blink of an eye! On the other hand, I also understand the apprehension that is causing you to delay test automation. When an enterprise has just begun the transformation, there are a plethora of challenges to overcome. Even if you apply the best practices, ...

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Automation pipelines as a security enabler

Let’s consider automation pipelines from a security perspective. Pipelines can be a security enabler. Secure code in a developer’s machine, can result as insecure code running in production. Especially when there is manual intervention in the process. Automation pipelines can mitigate that risk. We must ensure that code can be promoted to production only via the pipeline and in doing ...

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Selenium alternatives everyone is talking about – Choose wisely!

What is Selenium? Selenium is a suite of web browser automation tools to automate browsers across a range of platforms. Even though it’s capable of much more, Selenium tools are used to automate web apps for testing reasons. Jason Huggins created Selenium in 2004 as an internal tool at ThoughtWorks, and for the past several decades, selenium has been a ...

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Locating Elements by TagName In Selenium

Selenium locators are your key when dealing with locating elements on a web page. From the list of locators like ID, Name, Class, Tagname, XPath, CSS selector etc, one can choose any of these as per needs and locate the web element on a web page. Since ID’s, name, XPath or CSS selectors are more frequently used as compared to ...

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How the Fear of Automation Holds Your Team Back

Automation is a term which was coined in the last century during the industrial revolution. It originates from the word automatic, which means “self-acting, moving, or acting on its own.” As soon as a company starts to scale, the teams lacking automation are the ones who struggle the most. And many teams do lack automation, not because they aren’t skilled ...

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