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Google App Engine Java Capabilities and Namespaces API

Capabilities API With the Capabilities API, your application can detect outages and scheduled downtime for specific API capabilities. You can use this API to reduce downtime in your application by detecting when a capability is unavailable and then bypassing it. How do we handle this, what’s the tradeoff? 1. Elegantly: create an aspect that cross cuts all data store writes, ...

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Java Generics Quick Tutorial

Generics is a Java feature that was introduced with Java SE 5.0 and, few years after its release, I swear that every Java programmer out there not only heard about it, but used it. There are plenty of both free and commercial resources about Java generics and the best sources I used are: The Java Tutorial Java Generics and Collections, ...

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Best Of The Week – 2011 – W17

Hello guys, Time for the “Best Of The Week” links for the week that just passed. Here are some links that drew JavaCodeGeeks attention: * The Usability of Passwords: An excellent article that discusses password usability and security. It describes the most commonly used ways to attack a password and what countermeasures we can use to avoid this. * Why ...

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Best Of The Week – 2011 – W16

Hello guys, Time for the “Best Of The Week” links for the week that just passed. Here are some links that drew JavaCodeGeeks attention: * Application Performance Monitoring in production – A Step-by-Step Guide – Part 1: As the title states, this is a step by step guide on how to monitor your application’s performance, from defining KPIs to breaking ...

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Erlang vs Java memory architecture

I read a really, really interesting article on memory management strategies for the Erlang VM. It was written as a thesis by Jesper Wilhelmsson I thought it might be nice to discuss the differences between Erlang‘s memory setup and Oracle’s Java VM. As a real short introduction for those who have never heard of Erlang; it is a functional language ...

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Spring MVC3 Hibernate CRUD Sample Application


To learn any web framework starting with a HelloWorld application is a good idea. Once we get familiarity with the framework configuration it would be better to do a CRUD (Create,Read,Update,Delete) application which covers various aspects of a web framework like Validations, Request URL Mappings, Request Parameter Binding, Pre-populating forms etc. Now I am going to explain how to write ...

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Best Of The Week – 2011 – W15

Hello guys, Time for the “Best Of The Week” links for the week that just passed. Here are some links that drew JavaCodeGeeks attention: * Thinking Functional Programming with Map and Fold in your Everyday Java: An article discussing how the functional programming paradigm of map/fold can be used in Java. As mentioned, map/fold functionality exists in Java but developers ...

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Why Automated Tests Boost Your Development Speed

Many critics against writing automated tests directly address the additional time that is needed for coding them, which alternatively could have been invested in writing new functionality. Writing tests definitely needs time, and especially developers that are new to unit testing will need to invest more. While the methodology (test-first or test-last) plays a major role in the efficiency of ...

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Official Java 7 for Mac OS X – Status

Hopefully, by now, everyone knows that Apple joined the OpenJDK project last year. What does that mean? Apple will contribute the code that they used for their private Mac Java builds as GPL code to OpenJDK Oracle will take over the stewardship of the Mac port of Java Over time, the Mac platform will become a completely first-class citizen in ...

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