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Are You Data-Driven or Data-Informed?

I delivered a webinar called Agile Metrics for Team and Product Progress last week, thanks to the nice folks at Innovation Roots. I had fun and so did many of the participants. One person gave me a new saying about metrics (at the end, during the Q&A): Are you data-driven or data-informed? It’s such a great saying. I told her I ...

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Run and Debug a WildFly Swarm application from NetBeans


Java EE developers using NetBeans are used to be able to run and debug their thin-war applications in their application server of choice directly from NetBeans. When developing microservices packaged as über-or hollow-jars, you expect the same effortless way of running and debugging. The good news is that you can. In this post, I show step-by-step how to run and ...

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JVM Architecture: JVM Class loader and Runtime Data Areas

Hello readers! In the previous article of JVM series, developers learned about the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and it’s architecture. This tutorial will help developers to correctly answer the questions on below topics: ClassLoader Subsystem Runtime Data Areas 1. Introduction Before moving further let’s take a look at the Java Virtual Machine and its basic characteristics. 1.1 What is Java ...

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Nine Steps of Learning by Refactoring

I was asked on Twitter recently how is it possible to refactor if one doesn’t understand how the code works. I replied that it is “learning by refactoring.” Then I tried to Google it and found nothing. I was surprised. To me refactoring seems to be the most effective and obvious way to study the source code. Here is how ...

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Get to Know JSON Patch: JSON-P 1.1 Overview Series

Java EE 8 includes an update to the JSON Processing API and brings it up to date with the latest IEFT standards for JSON. They are: JSON Pointer RFC 6901 JSON Patch RFC 6902 JSON Merge Patch RFC 7396 I will cover these topics in this mini-series. Getting Started To get started with JSON-P you will need the following dependencies ...

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Spring Cloud Gateway – Configuring a simple route


Spring Cloud Gateway can be considered a successor to the Spring Cloud Netflix Zuul project and helps in implementing a Gateway pattern in a microservices environment. It is built on top of Spring Boot 2 and Spring Webflux and is non-blocking end to end – it exposes a Netty based server, uses a Netty based client to make the downstream microservice calls and ...

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Eclipse IDE Tutorial

1. A little about Eclipse Eclipse has been around for years now as an extremely popular IDE for multiple programming languages. With its excellent plugin based architecture, Eclipse is quite a good tool to ease the development tasks. To be the most utilized IDE in today’s world, it takes a lot of efforts and tools. Eclipse is a combination of ...

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Cloud Business Growth Hacks: Follow the Tips to Benefit

Analytical companies and media recorded a rise in the cloud market. Providers and their customers learned that the cloud market is growing by 20-30% annually, and the development of cloud business is ahead of the classical IT market and the distribution market. The main customers of cloud services in the outgoing year were companies working in retail. It seems that ...

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