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Creating Web Services and a Rest Server with JAX-RS and Jetty


Creating a WebService in Java is remarkably easy. To add it to a ServletContainer and deploy it to an embedded WebServer is only a few more lines of code. Let’s create a simple calculator with a couple of functions as an example of a WebService. The calculator will compute the squareRoot and square of any number.  It will return a ...

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Delta Architectures: Unifying the Lambda Architecture and leveraging Storm from Hadoop/REST

Recently, I’ve been asked by a bunch of people to go into more detail on the Druid/Storm integration that I wrote for our book: Storm Blueprints for Distributed Real-time Computation.  Druid is great. Storm is great. And the two together appear to solve the real-time dimensional query/aggregations problem. In fact, it looks like people are taking it mainstream, calling it ...

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Test Collection Implementations with Guava

I’m currently adding a new feature to LibFX, for which I create some custom collections akin to those from the Java Collections Framework. I went looking for tests I could run against them and was delighted to find out that Google’s Guava contains just what I need: a massive test suite which verifies every nook and cranny of my implementation ...

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Working with Legacy Test Code

Legacy Code and Smell by Tests Working with unit tests can help in many ways to improve the code-base. One of the aspects, which I mostly like, is that tests can point us to code smell in the production code. For example, if a test needs large setup or assert many outputs, it can point that the unit under test ...

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Take the IntelliJ Challenge!

It’s always a great idea to try and master the tools with which you work. I’m on a mission to improve my IntelliJ skills and have been watching and reading tutorials on IntelliJ tips and tricks. One of the very best I’ve come across so far is this video by Hadi Hariri. As well as being very informative it is also ...

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First steps with NFC in Android

This post describes how to use NFC in Android. The NFC technology stands for Near Field Communication and you can find the specification at NFC Forum. In this first post, we will analyse some basic aspects of NFC and we will describe how we can implement an app in Android that handles NFC tags. If you want to experiment NFC, ...

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Neo4j: TF/IDF (and variants) with cypher

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post on running TF/IDF over HIMYM transcripts using scikit-learn to find the most important phrases by episode and afterwards I was curious how difficult it’d be to do in Neo4j. I started by translating one of wikipedia’s TF/IDF examples to cypher to see what the algorithm would look like:       ...

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Netflix Archaius properties in a Spring project


Archaius Basics Netflix Archaius is a library for managing configuration for an application. Consider a properties file “” holding a property called “myprop”:               myprop=myprop_value_default This is how the file is loaded up using Archaius: ConfigurationManager .loadCascadedPropertiesFromResources("sample"); String myProp = DynamicPropertyFactory.getInstance().getStringProperty("myprop", "NOT FOUND").get(); assertThat(myProp, equalTo("myprop_value_default")); Archaius can load property appropriate to an environment, consider ...

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Docker Compose to Orchestrate Containers

Docker Orchestration using Fig showed how to defining and control a multi-container service using Fig. Since then, Fig has been renamed to Docker Compose, or Compose for short. First release of Compose was announced recently:             Announcing @docker compose by @aanand @bfirsh & community! — Docker (@docker) February 26, 2015 From Compose is a tool for ...

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