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Difference between @ContextConfiguration and @SpringApplicationConfiguration in Spring Boot Integration Test


Even though both @ContextConfiguration and @SpringApplicationConfiguration annotations are used along withSpringJUnit4ClassRunner to specify how to load the Spring application context, there is a subtle difference between them. Although @ContextConfiguration does a great job in loading application context it doesn’t take full advantage of Spring Boot features. Spring Boot applications are ultimately loaded by either SpringApplication ( in case of the ...

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10 Things Every Programmer and Software Engineer should Know

If you have been programming for some time and looking to learn to programme then you might be thinking about what makes a good programmer? What a computer science graduate can do to prepare for a career in software development and programming? What are the things expected of a junior developer are some of the common questions I receive from ...

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Eclipse GlassFish 5.1 is here!

The release of Eclipse GlassFish 5.1 is an important milestone for Jakarta EE! First of all, it is a confirmation that the GlassFish source code contributed by Oracle is possible to build and assemble on Eclipse Infrastructure. Second, by passing the Java EE 8 Compatibility tests, it verifies that the code contributed follows the Java EE 8 specifications, hence is ...

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Prioritizing Availability Issues

Embarking on deciding the priority of errors can lead to confusion and often times conflicts in teams. Engineers need to accept that not all errors need to be fixed before starting to prioritize. Let us begin with the very same question – “Do we need to fix all the errors users are experiencing?”. Availability issues are perennial. The non-deterministic nature ...

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Quantifying availability

One of the primary metrics that engineers who are responsible for web applications like to keep track of is ‘availability’. Let’s examine what are the different approaches available to quantify availability, and the advantages and downsides of each approach. This will provide a good baseline for constructing a custom approach if required. In order to illustrate the different approaches, let ...

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Throwing mud at a wall

Throwing mud at a wall is a metaphor I use again and again. As a description of what I do and as a metaphor for creating change in organizations. When you throw mud at a wall most of it falls off immediately. Some will stick for a little while then falls off. A little sticks permanent. Perhaps too little to see. ...

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