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How to FlatMap a JDBC ResultSet with Java 8?


You’re not into the functional mood yet? Then the title might not resonate with you – but the article will! Trust me. Essentially, we want this: +------+------+------+ | col1 | col2 | col3 | +------+------+------+ | A | B | C | row 1 | D | E | F | row 2 | G | H | I | ...

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Scala Snippet: Case Class vs plain ordinary Class

In Scala there exist the construct of a ‘case class’. According to Martin Odersky this supports you to write a “regular, non-encapsulated data structure”. It always seems to be associated with pattern matching. So when to use a case class and when to use a ‘plain’ class? I found this nice explanation stating: “Case classes can be seen as plain ...

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Spring Enable annotation – writing a custom Enable annotation


Spring provides a range of annotations with names starting with Enable*, these annotations in essence enable certain Spring managed features to be activated. One good example of such an annotation is EnableWebMvc which brings in all the beans needed to support a MVC flow in Spring based applications. Another good example is the EnableAsync annotation to activate beans to support ...

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用于Java和XML绑定的JAXB教程– 终极指南

Java为处理XML结构和文件提供了一系列的选项。JAXB是其中最常见使用的一种。JAXB全称是Java Architecture for XML Binding。它能够将Java对象装换为XML结构,反过来亦然。JAXB是在JRE 1.6的第一个版本中随着JRE标准包一起发布的。 JAXB的第一个规范在2003年3月完成,实现过程由 Java Specification Request 31:所跟踪。在这个规范请求中你可发现很多关于JAXB的成长和所有的改进。 就像刚才提到的,JAXB实在1.6中加入JRE包的。在此之前,要使用它必须将它的包加入到工程中。 在JAXB可以使用之前(很久之前),Java处理XML的方式是DOM:。这种方式并不是最好的,因为没有很好的抽象来映射XML节点,所有的值类型都被认为是字符串。JAXB有许多的优点,比如面向对象方式的操作XML节点和属性,值类型,注解和本文中将要阐述的其他优点。 本文中的所有例子程序都是使用以下版本来实现的: JRE 1.8.0 for 32b。所使用的IDE是Eclipse SDK 版本: Luna (4.4)。但是其他所有包含JAXB API的Java版本和IDE也能够完美的工作,只要是基于Java 8的。 目录 1. 映射(Mapping) 2. 编组(Marshal) 3. 反编组(Un-marshal) 4. 适配器(Adapters) 5. XSDs 6. 注解 7. 工具 8. 最佳实践 9. 总结 10. 资源 11. 下载   1. 映射(Mapping) 使用一些注解和以下的特定的规则,Java对象就能和XML结构绑定起来。这就是我们称之为映射的原因。在本教程中,我们将使用例子、资源和其他的一些信息来解释以下几点。 我们将展示一些关于如何将Java对象转换为XML结构的例子程序, 这种转换被称为编组(marshaling)。我们将展示如何使用适配器(adapter)处理原始类型,集合和更加复杂的类型。 我们还会解释如何进行相反的操作,也就是反编组(un-marshaling),例如将XML文件转换为Java对象。 所有这些都是通过使用Java注解来完成的。我们会列举并解释和JAXB一起使用的最重要的注解。 我们还会介绍用来校验的XSD(XML Schema),这也是JAXB所支持的一个重要的工具。我们也会看一下XSD在编组时如何起作用。 最后,我们会列举一些与JAXB一起配合使用的工具,它们能在很多的方面都对程序员起到帮助。 ...

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Do You Need a Degree to be Hired to Develop Software?

I retweeted a link to Here’s a Thing: There’s No Correlation Between a College Degree and Coding Ability. I was a bit surprised by some of the reactions to that link. One colleague said, “I question whether people who wait until a college assignment to learn to code have the same obsessive interest in the topic.” I was quite surprised. Back ...

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Thoughts on 6-Sigma and Agile

Question that comes up from time to time: “Does anyone have Agile project which is Six Sigma? How these two things Six Sigma and Agile complement each other on software product development project? “ My answer: In theory Agile and 6-Sigma should fit, they both have their roots in the quality movement. A cursory glance at the 6-Sigma toolset reveals ...

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Towards Compliance as Code

Infrastructure as Code is fundamental to DevOps. Automating the work of setting up and maintaining systems infrastructure. Making it defined, efficient, testable, auditable and standardized. For the many of us who work in regulated environments, we need more. We need Compliance as Code. Take regulatory constraints and policies and compliance procedures and the processes and constraints that they drive, and ...

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GitHub and Jenkins integration

Jenkins is a well-know term in many teams around the world and has been for quite some time now. As many organizations migrate their source code form centralized version control systems to git, GitHub seems like a great tool to support and simplify work with git. Needless to mention its great support for code reviews by the concept of pull ...

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