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Running OkHttpClient from within WildFly 9 (subsystem)

A few days ago WildFly 9 was released and one of the highlight for sure is the support of HTTP/2.0 in the Undertow web subsystem. As Hawkular has recently moved to use WildFly 9 (from 8.2) as its underlying server, it was sort of natural to try to use http2 for connections from the Hawkular-Wildfly-Monitor client to the server. One ...

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Don’t Blame Bad Software on Developers – Blame it on their Managers

There’s a lot of bad software out there. Unreliable, insecure, unsafe and unusable. It’s become so bad that some people are demanding regulation of software development and licensing software developers as “software engineers” so that they can be held to professional standards, and potentially sued for negligence or malpractice. Licensing would ensure that everyone who develops software has at least ...

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Adding a NAT to your AWS VPC

In a previous post I described how to setup a VPC with both private and public subnets with AWS. In the post I showed a basic configuration in which we saw that the instances in the private subnet didn’t have internet access, which was necessary to run ‘yum update’, for instance. In this post I will show you one way ...

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Build your own robot arm – remote control

In previous installment of this micro series, I discussed the way to control all the servos at once. Programmatically without any outside interaction. This just won’t do. Final step in this project is obviously remote control that is going to add another level of complexity and also fun. Join me and lets take a look at what it takes to ...

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Why build your own type system?

In Ceylon 1.2 we’ve factored out the type system of Ceylon as an independent module, with minimal dependencies and a clean API. The ceylon-model project incorporates: an extensible object-oriented model of the type system in Ceylon, algorithms for reasoning about types at compile time—or even at runtime in a system with reified generics—and a framework for model loading, that is, ...

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Postgres indexes

Recently, I had a situation where I needed to think how I was using Postgres indexes. I had a simple Book table with the following schema… >\d book Table "" Column | Type | Modifiers ---------------------+------------------------+----------- id | uuid | not null version | bigint | not null amount_minor_units | integer | not null currency | character varying(255) | not ...

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Casting In Java 8 (And Beyond?)

Casting an instance to a type reeks of bad design. Still, there are situations where there is no other choice. The ability to do this has hence been part of Java since day one. I think Java 8 created a need to slightly improve this ancient technique. Static Casting The most common way to cast in Java is as follows: ...

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Internet of Things: Arduino, Android, ESB

Internet of things (IoT) is one of the most emerging topic and one of the most discussed lately. When talking about IoT, we mean a set of smart objects that are connected together and can exchange information. In this way it is possible, for example, to create a set of sensors and we can use it through our smartphones. In ...

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Measuring Allocations Programmatically

I picked up this tip from the The Java Specialists’ Newsletter written by Heinz Kabutz.  (For all Java developers wanting to learn what goes on under the covers of the JDK this newsletter is an absolute must!) Especially for developers writing low latency code but even for normal Java code, allocations is the thing you really want to avoid. See my ...

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