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A Refresher – Top 5 Java EE 7 Frontend


The series continues. After the initial overview and Arjan’s post about the most important backend features, I am now very happy to have Ed Burns (@edburns) finish the series with his favorite Java EE 7 frontend features. Thanks to Markus Eisele for giving me the opportunity to guest post on his very popular blog. Markus and I go way back ...

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#GeekListener v.10

Hello everyone! It’s 10th release of #GeekListener digest. You probably noticed that last week there wasn’t any #GeekListener activity. That’s because New Year and Christmas holidays. But for the 2 weeks period I collected a lot of interesting tweets for you! So let’s start the first overview of geeks tweets in this year! Evgeny Morozov opens the current digest with ...

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Business Oriented Programming: Your key for rapid development

I believe that the key to build a successful project with great time-to-market is first to understand the business requirements. Many developers have their first tendency to think on the technology or the architecture design. I cant blame them. Thats one of the most fun parts. But If one wont understand the project/company demands he will run out of focus quickly. The ...

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5 key aspects for a successful open-source project

I love open-source: for me it is great way to develop any product, to acquire new skills, to have fun and to make something useful for the community. I am not an open-source rock-star (at least not yet :D) but I have created and contributed to tens of projects (take a look at my GitHub profile). Some of them got ...

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Pimp your config with configuration meta-data in Spring Boot


There were many updates released in the Spring Boot 1.3.0 but one of them stood out to me because I was not aware of this before and the state it got to makes it one really useful feature (unfortunately available only in Spring Boot as of writing this). I am talking about configuration meta-data and the processing related to this ...

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Value types in Java: why should they be immutable?

Value types need not be immutable. But they are. In the previous post I discussed the difference between pointers and references in Java and how the method parameters are passed (passed-by-value or passed-by-reference). These are strongly related to value types that do not exist in Java (yet). There is a proposal from John Rose, Brian Goetz, and Guy Steele detailing ...

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Writing 2 Characters into a Single Java char

Here’s another nice trick we used when creating the ultra low latency Chronicle FIX-Engine. When it comes to reading data off a stream of bytes it’s way more efficient, if possible, to store data in a char rather than having to read it into a String.  (At the very least you are avoiding creating a String object, although this can ...

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The Lord of the Things: Spark or Hadoop?

Are people in your data analytics organization contemplating the impending data avalanche from the internet of things and thus asking this question: “Spark or Hadoop?” That’s the wrong question! The internet of things (IOT) will generate massive quantities of data. In most cases, these will be streaming data from ubiquitous sensors and devices. Often, we will need to make real-time ...

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