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Introduction to Threads and Concurrency

This article is part of our Academy Course titled Java Concurrency Essentials. In this course, you will dive into the magic of concurrency. You will be introduced to the fundamentals of concurrency and concurrent code and you will learn about concepts like atomicity, synchronization and thread safety. Check it out here! Table Of Contents 1. Basic know-how about threads 2. ...

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Java Concurrency Essentials Tutorial

Course Overview Concurrency is always a challenge for developers and writing concurrent programs can be extremely hard. There is a number of things that could potentially blow up and the complexity of systems rises considerably when concurrency is introduced. However, the ability to write robust concurrent programs is a great tool in a developer’s belt and can help build sophisticated, ...

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Don’t Format Dates in SQL. Use the DATE Literal!

I’m seeing people do this all the time. They want to hammer a date or timestamp constant into their SQL query, and the only function they know is the TO_DATE() or TO_TIMESTAMP() date parsing function: SELECT TO_DATE ('20150801', 'yyyymmdd') FROM DUAL; As observed in this Stack Overflow question, for instance: TO_DATE ('20150801', 'yyyymmdd') AS DAY_20150801_TOTAL, TO_DATE ('20150802', 'yyyymmdd') AS DAY_20150802_TOTAL, ...

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JDK 9: Highlights from The State of the Module System

Mark Reinhold‘s The State of the Module System (SOMS) was published earlier this month and provides an information-packed readable “informal overview of enhancements to the Java SE Platform prototyped in Project Jigsaw and proposed as the starting point for JSR 376.” In this post, I summarize and highlight some of concepts and terms I found interesting while reading the document. ...

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Going Beyond Agile like Spotify and Assembla

A few weeks ago, we discussed how to prepare your culture to move beyond agile. Let’s go a little further this week and examine how other companies have figured out what does and doesn’t work for them when it comes to development process. Breaking the Rules of Scrum at Spotify Spotify, for example, started as a scrum company. But as ...

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Achieving Consistency in CQRS with Linear Event Store

In a recent project involving an event-sourced CQRS system, we decided to do some things that seem somewhat unusual compared to solutions mostly talked about. However, they let us achieve some nice properties that would be hard (if possible at all) otherwise. Event Store as Regular Table We decided to implement the event store as a regular table in an ...

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Clojure (Prismatic) Schemas are Swagger

 Recently, I decided to include Swagger documentation to our time sheet application. Although Swagger provides tools to help clients integrate with your REST API the most powerful feature, in my opinion, is that it acts as “living documentation” for the API. Adding Swagger to my the application had a couple of pleasant side-effects: Idiomatic Clojure encourages the use of data ...

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jOOQ Tutorial for Type safe DB querying

Course Overview SQL is a powerful and highly expressive language for queries against relational databases. SQL is established, standardised and hardly challenged by alternative querying languages. Nonetheless, in the Java ecosystem, there had been few relevant steps forward since JDBC to better integrate SQL into Java. All attention was given to object-relational mapping and language abstractions on a higher level, ...

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