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What Decision Will You Make Based on This Data?

Does your team have to keep two sets of “books”? You have an agile roadmap to see where you’re headed. You have a smallish backlog of the near/upcoming work. You’re delivering on a frequent basis. And, someone on your team keeps a Gantt chart because a manager wants to see the team’s progress in a form they feel comfortable with. ...

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Where I Think “Agile” is Headed, Part 5: Summary

It’s time to wrap this series. I started asking if you actually need an agile approach in Part 1 and noted the 4 big problems I see. Part 2 was why we need managers in an agile transformation.  Part 3 was about how people want a recipe. Part 4 was about how “Agile” is meaningless and “agile” is an adjective ...

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Most Important Benefits of Agile Software Development

It’s no secret that agile is the methodology that software development has already moved into in a big way. The idea of agile has become so popular that it is creeping into every industry and has become a popular term to use in conference rooms and virtual meetings around the world. Agile Software Development is Everywhere What is it about ...

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How to Reduce the Product Backlog Size

While it’s normal that a product backlog changes, some backlogs grow too big and become overly long and detailed. Consequently, they are difficult to update, prioritise, and refine. The following tips help you simplify such a backlog so you can manage with it more easily. Split the Product Backlog Faced with an overly long and detailed product backlog, investigate if ...

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Rethinking the Need for Generalizing Specialists

Early on in my agile practice, I believed in generalizing specialists. I even wrote Five Tips to Hiring a Generalizing Specialist. However, if a team becomes collaborative, I no longer think we need generalizing specialists. That’s because the team works and learns as a team. If a team is willing to collaborate as pairs, a swarm, or mob, you might ...

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