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I am a software development engineer, computer scientist, mathematician, and writer. I am a senior machine learning engineer at VMware, Inc. https://www.wfgilreath.xyz

Adding Range Type in Java

1. Introduction Modern and more recent programming languages have the concept of a range type. Programming languages such as Python, Ada, Ruby, and Rust, each have the concept of a range-a bounded beginning and end of a numerical sequence or series of integers. The Java programming language has a reputation for being a verbose, wordy programming language [Pras 2012] by ...

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ZeptoN is Putting Program into Java

1. Introduction The Java programming language or “Java” was introduced in 1995. Yet in the almost quarter-century it has added features not originally in the core language. Such features include enumerations, generics, many enhancements to the basic C-style functional switch statement, assertions, etcetera. Java is a programming language that has evolved over time to meet the needs of Java software ...

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The Problem With Creating Generic Arrays

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article which explains the Problem with creating Generic Arrays. The Java programming language added generics in September of 2004 in the Java 5.0 “Tiger” release. The system of generics or type parameterization, extends Java’s existing type system while providing type safety. 1. Introduction Java has the Collections Framework, providing a library of generic ...

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