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Vadim is a senior software engineer with lots of experience with different software technologies including Java, Javascript, databases (Oracle and Postgres), HTML/CSS and even machine learning. He likes learning new technologies and using the latest libraries in his work. Vadim also has some personal projects on Github

IDE approach to log analysis pt. 1


Intro I think most software engineers understand the importance of logs. They have become part of software development. If something doesn’t work we try to find the cause in the logs. This could be enough for simple cases when a bug prevents an application from opening a window. You find the issue in the logs, look it up on Google ...

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GWT with Spring Boot


Intro I’ve been investigating the options for writing UI code in Java recently. In my  previous post I investigated Eclipse RAP and found that it can be integrated with Spring Boot in one executable jar. This time I wanted to do the same trick with GWT. Everyone likes Spring Boot. It makes a lot of things so much cleaner and easier. But ...

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