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Theodore is currently a Medical Student on his final semester, and on the way to become a Psychiatrist. When he discovered his love for learning, writing, new ideas, deeper conversations and sharing what he learns, he combined them with his passion for Health, Nutrition and Fitness, Neurosciences, Psychology, and what drives the human behavior and motivation. He is also creating and conducting scientifically based seminars on Emotional Intelligence, how it can be trained, Learning and Memory Mechanics, Brain enhancement, productivity and time management etc. You can learn more at Teokark.com (in English) and Neuroselfmastery.com (in Greek).

7 Brain Tips for Software Developers

Estimated Reading Time: 10-15 minutes EDITORIAL NOTE: This is an article that I am really glad to have featured on Java Code Geeks and one that I think is long overdue. It will explain how to leverage and better utilize our greatest asset as programmers, and that is of course, our brain. We are intellectual workers and without an optimally ...

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