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Romain is a senior software engineer with a deep background on technical stacks from the standalone to cloud native applications without forgetting Bi Data. He also contributes a lot to the Open Source ecosystem (Apache, Yupiik, ...)

Kubernetes Quick Debugging Pod

When working with Kubernetes, it is not rare to need to access a Kubernetes internal resource. While you can bridge a lot of things, you can also need to run an image from Kubernetes environment/network/…​ to reproduce an issue and connect faster (bridges can be slow if done until your computer, in particular over a VPN). To solve that the ...

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Docker Compose Java Healthcheck

Docker compose is often used to run locally a development stack. Even if I would recommend to use minikube/microk8s/…​ + Yupiik Bundlebee, it is a valid option to get started quickly. One trick is to handle dependencies between services. A compose descriptor often looks like: docker-compose.yaml version: "3.9" (1) services: (2) postgres: (3) image: postgres:14.2-alpine restart: always ports: - "5432:5432" ...

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