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Rajeev is a senior Java architect and developer. He has been designing and developing business applications for various companies (both product and services). He is co-author of the book titled 'Apache CXF Web Service Development' and shares his technical knowledge through his blog platform techorgan.com

Microservices Series: MicroProfile and Apache TomEE


Introduction MicroProfile is an initiative started in September 2016 by group of prominent vendors to build a Microservices architecture based on JEE platform. The mission is to optimize Enterprise Java for a Microservices architecture. The developers can make use of this architecture to build and develop Microservices applications in a standardized way using Enterprise Java platform. The API building will ...

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Microservices Series: Microservices Design Principles

Introduction Every architecture is formed based on certain design principles and Microservices is no different. This article will not talk about what Microservices is all about. There are already plenty of articles and blogs to do that. In this article, I will talk about what it takes to devise a Microservices based architecture. We will take a look at some ...

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Microservices Series: A Quick Look At Service Discovery Patterns

Introduction In a typical monolithic layered architecture, a presentation or a controller layer communicates with the service layer through a function call. The request URL has a fixed endpoint address which is used to invoke different services or service functions. With microservices, you are dealing with plethora of services with dynamic endpoint address and number of service instances. Microservices based ...

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Apache Spark: A Quick Start With Python

Spark Overview As per the official website, “Apache Spark is a fast and general engine for large scale data processing” It is best used with clustered environment where the data processing task or job is split to run on multiple computers or nodes quickly and efficiently. It claims to run program 100 times faster than Hadoop platform. Spark uses something ...

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A Primer on Microservices

Introduction Microservices are components of an application developed as independent services. The concept of microservice is all about breaking down your application into independent set of services. Often when writing a monolithic application, the code base can grow quickly and in spite of being well-structured, debugging, performing changes, applying fixes and deploying can become challenging and nightmarish. One approach obviously ...

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IOT in a Nutshell

Call it a buzzword, hype, talk of the town, new kid on the block, the in thing, well the Internet of Things (IOT) is all things that can be made to talk to internet. It boils down to things providing data of some sort that can be used to perform different types of analysis. IOT is an abstract concept that ...

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