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Rajeev is a senior Java architect and developer. He has been designing and developing business applications for various companies (both product and services). He is co-author of the book titled 'Apache CXF Web Service Development' and shares his technical knowledge through his blog platform techorgan.com

Integrating AWS EKS with Anthos

Introduction Anthos allows you to attach any non-GKE Kubernetes cluster. In this article, I will demonstrate how to attach an existing AWS EKS cluster and make it part of Anthos ecosystem. Once the cluster is attached, you can view and manage it from the Anthos dashboard in the Google Cloud Console. You can also enable features like Anthos Config Management ...

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Anthos Setup

In this article, I will show you how to setup Anthos on Google Cloud. Anthos setup requires that you have the following prerequisites in place: Google project with billing enabledAnthos APIs are enabled. It will allow you to use Anthos featuresThe command line tool – gcloud. You will get this by installing Cloud SDK As part of installation, you will ...

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Cloud Run for Anthos: Deploying a Service

Introduction In this article, I will demonstrate how to create and deploy a service with Cloud Run for Anthos. You can go through my previous article to understand the basics of Cloud Run for Anthos. Pre-requisites A Google Cloud project preferably with Owner access.A basic understanding of Cloud Run for AnthosFair understanding of Kubernetes Setting up a GKE Cluster Cloud ...

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Cloud Run for Anthos

Introduction The word serverless took the world by storm. Let’s talk a bit about this concept called serverless. We all know serverless means running a piece of code on cloud without worrying about the underlying infrastructure – also called as ‘function as a service’. This is what we call a programming model of serverless. There is another perspective or dimension ...

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Anthos ASM: Cross cluster mesh with different network

The previous article demonstrated how to implement cross-cluster Anthos Service Mesh (ASM) in a single network. In this article we will illustrate the mesh service communication using different VPC network. The use case will focus on setting up two GKE cluster with ASM installed in two different VPCs. As the clusters are in different networks, the services in a mesh ...

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Anthos ASM: Multi cluster concept

One of the advanced mesh constructs or topologies are multi mesh or cross mesh designs that aids in inter-cluster communication. With such a topology, each cluster will implement its own mesh runtime federating to form one logical mesh. You may setup mesh control plane in every cluster or you can have all the clusters communicate to one central mesh control ...

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Anthos ASM: Cross cluster mesh using single VPC

This article will focus on one of the advanced service mesh topology called cross-cluster mesh model. Often the terms used are multi-cluster and cross-cluster where multi-cluster denotes a single central mesh control plane used by all the clusters as part of the mesh topology and cross-cluster assumes having distinct mesh control plane per cluster. The cross cluster topology is a ...

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Installing Anthos Service Mesh on GKE

Istio is an open source service mesh framework that employs traffic management, security, resiliency and observability during service to service communication. The framework itself is platform agnostic, it means you could also use it with non-Kubernetes services or for that matter, even monolithic applications. Some of the core features offered by Istio are service discovery, routing, load balancing, health check, ...

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