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Importance of DevOps Automation in 2021

Introduction This year, many businesses have seen tremendous digital transformations because of the prevailing pandemic. As organizations were forced to adjust their ways to deliver their services to the customers. The pandemic pushed enterprises to realize how important it was to invest in and fully adopt DevOps automation. The IT world saw an evolution in the technology platforms, practices, and ...

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Testing Scenarios You Should Avoid While Automating With Selenium

Selenium is a widely used web automation testing platform, and Selenium Automation is in great demand today. There are plenty of real-time test scenarios in selenium testing where the need for Automation is justifiable. But, according to some testing experts, it is not always recommended to test all the test scenarios using Selenium. As a web automation tool, Selenium primarily ...

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How To Speed Up Selenium Test Cases?


When we talk about automation, one of the tools that comes first to our mind is Selenium. We all know that the Selenium WebDriver is a remarkable tool for web automation. The primary reason for implementing Selenium automation testing is to speed up selenium tests. In most of the cases, Selenium performs extraordinarily well than the manual ones. But, sometimes ...

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Test Reporting and its significance in Continuous Testing

Every organization wants to win the competition, and one way to achieve this is by delivering the best products and services. Companies rely on Software testing, which is one of the fundamental aspects of the Software development Life Cycle, to ensure that products and services are up to the mark and are market-ready. For achieving a desired level of quality, ...

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What is Cloud Testing: Everything you need to know

Several years back, virtualization became a buzzword in the industry which flourished, evolved and became famously known as Cloud computing. It involved sharing computing resources on different platforms, acted as a tool to improve scalability, and enabled effective IT administration and cost reduction. In other words, it includes sharing services like programming, infrastructure, platforms, and software on-demand on the cloud ...

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Understanding Selenium: The Automation Testing Tool

With an increasing demand for test automation services, organizations are looking at investing in the best test automation tools for their business. Selenium is on the top of their list because of its numerous advantages. Research has predicted the growth of the Global Automation testing market to reach US$ 109.69 billion by 2025, which means that software testing is evolving ...

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The Importance of Parallel Testing in Selenium

Testing solutions have become more scalable with the advancement of technology, easing organizations’ move from manual testing to Selenium test automation. But nothing comes easy. Running multiple tests in parallel is still unscalable for many organizations. They tend to follow conventional, sequential testing methods to deliver A-Class quality assurance demanding high time, efforts, and resources. Organizations are either hesitant to ...

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