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Hossein currently is Software Engineering Student at K.N. Toosi University of Technology and a junior developer. He is a passionate Java programmer, especially interested in GUI programming with JavaFX. His interest includes Big Data, Data Visualization, and Recommender Systems

JavaFX on JDK 11

There was a mixture of feelings about the decoupling of JavaFX from JDK after its 11th release. Many of us felt that now this is the time to say goodbye to JavaFX and switch to another GUI technology, While some others were happy about this circumstance. They believed that decoupling JavaFX from the hands of the Oracle and pursuing its development ...

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Java 9, Jigsaw, JPMS, and Modules: A Personal Exploration

Java 9 delayed so many times because of Project Jigsaw, and you may be heard a lot of thing about modules, modularity, and other stuff, so, what it’s all about? What the heck is modularization and what do we mean by modularized platform? Java Platform Module System (JPMS)? Is it going to be a revolution in Java ecosystem? This post is my ...

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