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Jose C. Riquelme, is full professor in the University of Sevilla in Spain. This is the author of the blog http://laprogramacionnoesunarte.blogspot.com.es.

Functional Interfaces

Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Justification 3. Lambda Expressions 4. Predicate<T> 5. BiPredicate<T,U> 6. Function<T,R> 7. BiFunction<T,U,R> 8. Consumer<T> 9. BiConsumer<T,U> 10. Supplier<T> 11. UnaryOperator<T> 12. BinaryOperator<T> 1. Introduction Functional interfaces are a powerful mechanism provided by Java 8 to give us the possibility to pass functions as parameters to other methods. Actually, this option already existed on previous ...

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