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Jose Luis is a computer scientist and professional senior software engineer with experience in a wide variety of technologies, particularly those oriented towards the JVM platform. He is mainly interested in back-end development and Agile practices that make software development both more fun and more valuable to customers.

Easy to understand Dynamic Programming – Edit distance

Following the topic of the last post, I will discuss another problem that can be solved efficiently using dynamic programming. Unlike the Fibonacci sequence that we saw on the introduction post, the problem that I present here is a bit more tricky to solve (which also makes it more interesting). The reason I’ll review this problem and other similar ones ...

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Dynamic Programming – Introduction

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything here. Between changing jobs, working on my PhD and moving to a new country I guess you could say I’ve been pretty busy. But at the same time, together with all these changes in my life there’s a ton of new things that I’m learning almost every day. And, as many ...

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Static factory methods vs traditional constructors

I’ve previously talked a little bit about the Builder Pattern, a useful pattern to instantiate classes with several (possibly optional) attributes that results in easier to read, write and maintain client code, among other benefits. Today, I’m going to continue exploring object creation techniques but this time for a more general case. Take the following example, which is by no ...

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The ins and outs of immutability

So in my first post I talked a little bit about the builder pattern and I mentioned a really powerful but yet overlooked concept: immutability. What is an immutable class? It’s simply a class whose instances can’t be modified. Every value for the class’ attributes is set on their declaration or in its constructor and they keep those values for ...

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The builder pattern in practice

I’m not going to dive into much details about the pattern because there’s already tons of posts and books that explain it in fine detail. Instead, I’m going to tell you why and when you should consider using it. However, it is worth mentioning that this pattern is a bit different to the one presented in the Gang of Four ...

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When git ignores your… .gitignore?

I feel like I should start this post saying that I absolutely love git. If you’ve never heard of it, is a source control system like CVS or Subversion but, unlike those two, is a distributed version control system. I’m not going to get into much details about the history and capabilities of git but if you’re curious about it ...

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