Jason Clark

I am a highly motivated I.T. professional with a proven track record of achievements through my 35+ years experience, providing effective solutions to problems. Since 2007 I have been a SharePoint Sys Admin / Developer / Architect, delivering effective software solutions and systems for stakeholders, using 6 sigma and Agile methods has allowed me to discover better and faster ways to achieve the end solution. I started computer programming in 1982 creating games for UK home computers, then business software in the late 1980s on an IBM PC and through my BSc Computer Science degree moved to web development in 1994. During my career I have developed large and small scale software projects with a variety of companies using different languages and methodologies, some successful and some not so.I have since 2012 updated my knowledge on modern software development techniques through my Master Degree studies with the Open University (Agile, Lean Software Development, UML) and project management training (Requirements, Managing Resources, User Stories, Project Costs) and further online study. I am keen to pass on this knowledge and help others further their knowledge.
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