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Known to investigate, prototype and deliver new and innovative solutions previously considered impossible, his life philosophy is “Make yourself better to make the best of everything and achieve the impossible.” Engaged in multiple projects for large organizations and consultanting for the United Nations, he won the “Premio Colosseo” in Rome, Italy

Get any image metadata with Spring Boot and Docker

This is the second part of a series of three articles, but I decided to condensate in two to give space to another article. The first part is available on this website at https://www.javaadvent.com/2017/12/microservices-architecture.html. In this part we’re going to develop a Microservice that reads metadata from an image as JSON or XML. I’m using Docker and Java (check part 1 if ...

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Microservices Architecture with Java and Docker

Developing and running a Microservices Architecture seems to be a must have, now days. Everybody talking about micro services, how to migrate to micro services or what are the best practice to run them. Listening at those who are not using micro services, it seems that it’s a weird world, where everything works magically with no effort for developers or ...

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