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Bennet is a JavaEE and JavaFX addicted IT Consultant working at codecentric AG in Hamburg, Germany. In his free time he is involved in several Java User Group activities and conferences. He regularly blogs about his projects and different Java topics.

Why Value Types Are Important For A Maintainable Software

Some weeks ago I read a tweet which contained this picture and someone said:”That’s the reason why Value Types are helpful!”. After that I remembered situations happened some years ago and I decided to write a blog post about it. During some projects I’ve seen a lot of valdiation code which was quite crazy. Most of the time there were ...

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Building a horizontal JMS Bridge between two WildFly Servers using ActiveMQ Artemis

Sometimes it’s necessary to connect different Message Brokers together. In Enterprise Messaging this scenario is known as Bridging. It can be done with JMS and different protocols like AMQP,  ActiveMQ Artemis core protocol. This blogpost focusses on Bridging with JMS and two Apache ActiveMQ Artemis Brokers running which are running in WildFly. What’s a JMS Bridge? JMS Bridges typically are ...

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Message Level Authorization in Apache ActiveMQ


While the last post covered Broker Level Authentication, this blogpost is about more strict authorization on message level. I didn’t have this fine granular authorization out there in real life projects, but I want to do it myself and give readers a tutorial to widen their knowledge about security in ActiveMQ and ease their beginning with it. Sometimes it can be ...

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Running Apache ActiveMQ and hawtio in Standalone Mode

Apache ActiveMQ is my first choice every time a Message Queue is needed to solve my integration problems.                     Unfortunately the ActiveMQ Web Console is not that comfortable, so I decided to add the Red Hat JBoss project hawtio to my standalone ActiveMQ environment. Hawtio is a modular web console for managing ...

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Dependency Injection in JavaFX with Gluon Ignite and Dagger

The Dependency Injection abstraction framework Gluon Ignite creates a common abstraction over several popular dependency injection frameworks like: Spring, Dagger and Guice. Currently the Gluon page only contains an example which uses Gluon Ignite with Google Guice as Dependency Injection Framework and I wanted to try Dagger instead of it, because it aims to be more minimalistic and faster than ...

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