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Dealing with Micro-Service Oriented Architecture DATA (part 2)

This are my verbatim notes to the PEAT UK podcast: Hello there once again to another hot shot. My name is Peter Pilgrim, DevOps specialist, Java enterprise and platform engineer and Java Champion What’s the database architecture in a microservices application? In true independent microservices, they are designed and built to follow the Single Responsibility Principle (Robert Martin), which is ...

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Jenkins on AWS (part 1)


This are my verbatim notes to the PEAT UK podcast: Hello there once again to another hot shot. My name is Peter Pilgrim. I have been a DevOps specialist, welcome to another episode. This is hotshot 11 Jenkins n AWS part one, I have been a platform engineer and I am a Java Champion. In this episode, I am going ...

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Migration Advice for Java 10

Hello there once again to another hot shot. My name is Peter Pilgrim, Platform engineer and DevOps specialist, Java Champions. As you know Java 9 introduced a module system. You probably are migrating your services to JDK 10 and beyond or at least thinking. My general advice to business is, the sooner you migrate the better your technical debt will ...

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Thinking of Java 10 and beyond

Hello once again. Java 10 was released on 20th March 2018. I think many software teams will hold back from upgrading to it. Even lesser numbers of professional probably still have yet to make a move from Java 8 to Java 9. Why would this be the case, because of legacy impediments and dependencies on application servers, frameworks and even ...

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Devoxx 2016 Part 1 – Conference Impressions

This is my report on my trip to Devoxx Belgium conference. My last visit to Belgium coincided with the publication of Java EE 7 Developer Book in 2013. Three years ago is long time in the technology. So what has changed in Belgium in the meantime? The threat level of security is the obvious thing, there were many army soldier ...

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Ye Olde Monolith

As a professional software engineer, you probably have encountered an architectural stumbling block known as a MONOLITH#1. A monolith is essentially a single tier application in enterprise architecture. Forget about the traditional break-down of Java EE application, where they break down an Uber-WAR file into presentation, business-logic and database tiers. That is just gloss over our very eyes, a single ...

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Comprehending Ulterior Motives and Forces around Software Technology Standards

An Introduction to Software Standards What are technology standards? What are standards? Essentially, a technology standard is a common agreement on the application programming interface and /or communication protocol in a vertical sector. Standards can be big or small. They have a profound effect on the mindshare of a community of peoplee, the economic market and, of course, corporate activity. ...

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