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Patroklos is an experienced JavaEE Software Engineer and an Agile enthusiast seeking excellence in software quality. He is also co-Author of the Sonar in Action book, and contributor of several Sonar plugins.

Which software companies you should not work for?

I get several questions from people in local meetups or conferences about issues they are facing in the company they work. I usually give talks about development practices and there are always some fellow developers who agree on what I’m telling them but they find it very difficult to apply the ideas in their working environment. I had the same ...

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I am a blessed software professional

Next year I will be celebrating 20 years as a software professional. It seems like yesterday when I delivered my first “business product” written in Pascal and I can assure you that I have the same passion and the same flame for software development, just like I had when I was 18 and I was a BSc freshman. I can ...

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Managing Global Teams – Lessons Learned

One year ago I took the most challenging decision of my software development career. I quit my daily – 40hr/week job and joined a company as a remote freelancer. That change was even more radical because I made the switch from a hands-on developer role to a “software engineering manager” role. Although I don’t like the term “engineer” for software ...

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My Talks During JDays2015

Last week I had the chance to be part of a great event in a beautiful and peaceful city of Sweden : jDays @ Göteborg I was amazed about the diversity of talks – although the conference is mostly about java – and the quality of the presentations. I attended some general talks like the “Future of Programming Languages” by Ola ...

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20 (Or So) Things Managers Should Stop Saying To Engineers

This post is a direct reply to an article I recently read with title : “20 things engineers should stop saying‘.I was so frustrated and irritated when I finished reading this article that I couldn’t believe in my eyes. I still wonder what kind of manager is suggesting these ideas and how their engineer would react after reading this post. ...

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What SonarQube Is NOT

The age when SonarQube was not very popular has passed a lot time ago. Nowadays is considered the de-facto tool for…. Wait a minute! What the heck is SonarQube? I’ve been asked several times to help people install and configure SonarQube but I’m very surprised that most of them have a not very realistic idea of what is SonarQube. Things are ...

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The Full-Time Developer ‘Curse’

Some time ago I wrote an article with my advice to (junior) developers about their career.  One of the things I explained was that by the word “young” I meant all developer who feel young so it doesn’t matter how many years of experience you’re carrying on your back.  You’re still “young”! A few days ago, I came back from two-weeks of vacations and ...

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