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Paresh Mayani is a Mobile application developer from India, having been involved in Android app development since around 3 years. He writes technical articles at TechnoTalkative. Apart from his job, he manages Google Developer Group (GDG) - Ahmedabad and has been speaker in various events. He is very much active in supporting the Android developer community, from answering questions on StackOverflow to publishing articles with possible sample code. Currently he is holder of around 25000 reputation.

Introduction to Android Studio

Feeling good to be back at blog . Actually I have been managing GDG Ahmedabad, delivering android talks and managing workshops locally and outside my regions. Last month, I was quite busy in organizing “DevFest” event for the GDG Ahmedabad and then for the preparation of my 2 talks for the GDG Kathmandu DevFest. I was invited to deliver 2 ...

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Android – Import projects from Git

There are many cases when we have requirement and need to clone Git repository, at that time we have to clone repository by using Git Client, FYI I have installed Git GUI client on my windows machine. By cloning this way, we have to import those project into eclipse manually. Now, What if there is a way directly by which ...

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Android – Volley library example

I am not sure whether you have heard “Volley” word yet but it’s the library on which one expert talk was delivered during Google I/O 2013 by Ficus Kirkpatrick. What is Volley library exactly for? Volley is a library that makes networking for Android apps easier and most importantly, faster. It manages the processing and caching of network requests and ...

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Android – Select multiple photos from Gallery

Today i am going to discuss about implementation of selecting multiple photos from Photo Gallery. You know, i have searched enough to find out a solution for selecting multiple images from android’s native gallery. There are 2 ways to implement multi selection of images in gallery: 1) Intent for getting multiple images 2) Define custom gallery with fetching and loading ...

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Android – Load images from web and caching

Have you gone through my previous article for Loading Remote Images in android?, actually it was the solution for loading images from web but not caching into the local storage so that it has to load image every times, instead here in this article i am going to show you code/demo for loading images from web as well as to ...

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Android – Dashboard design pattern implementation

Before reading this article, please learn the prerequisites mentioned above so that you can have better idea for the implementation of this solution which i am going to discuss here. Do you know what is Dashboard pattern exactly? In brief, we can say Dashboard is a page containing large and clear symbols of main functionality and optionally an area for ...

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Android – Load WebView with ProgressBar

Problem: How to load WebView with ProgressBar? Description: Previously, i have published an article for Android – WebViewClient example where we have discussed about how to load URL inside the application instead of opening a native browser. Now, just consider the case where we want to include progress bar to show loading process. At the same time we can either ...

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Android – Read file from Assets

Description: First of all, let me give you a link: AssetManager, through this class we can easily access any files lying inside the Assets directory of android application. (or any sub-folders inside the Assets directory). Now, we can have an object of AssetManager class by using getAssets() method: AssetManager assetManager = getAssets(); And the rest of the procedure i have ...

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