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[FREE EBOOKS] Applied Machine Learning and AI for Engineers, Modern DevOps Practices – Second Edition & Four More Best Selling Titles

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Applied Machine Learning and AI for Engineers ($67.99 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

While many introductory guides to AI are calculus books in disguise, this one mostly eschews the math. Instead, author Jeff Prosise helps engineers and software developers build an intuitive understanding of AI to solve business problems. Need to create a system to detect the sounds of illegal logging in the rainforest, analyze text for sentiment, or predict early failures in rotating machinery? This practical book teaches you the skills necessary to put AI and machine learning to work at your company. Applied Machine Learning and AI for Engineersprovides examples and illustrations from the AI and ML course Prosise teaches at companies and research institutions worldwide. There’s no fluff and no scary equations-just a fast start for engineers and software developers, complete with hands-on examples. This book helps you: Learn what machine learning and deep learning are and what they can accomplish. Understand how popular learning algorithms work and when to apply them. Build machine learning models in Python with Scikit-Learn, and neural networks with Keras and TensorFlow. Train and score regression models and binary and multiclass classification models. Build facial recognition models and object detection models. Build language models that respond to natural-language queries and translate text to other languages. Use Cognitive Services to infuse AI into the apps that you write.

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Modern DevOps Practices – Second Edition ($39.99 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

DevOps and the cloud have changed how we look at software development and operations like never before, leading to the rapid growth of various DevOps tools, techniques, and practices. This updated edition helps you pick up the right tools by providing you with everything you need to get started with your DevOps journey. The book begins by introducing you to modern cloud-native architecture, and then teaches you about the architectural concepts needed to implement the modern way of application development. The next set of chapters helps you get familiarized with Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Packer, and other similar tools to enable you to build a base. As you advance, you’ll explore the core elements of cloud integration-AWS ECS, GKE, and other CaaS services. The chapters also discuss GitOps, continuous integration, and continuous delivery-GitHub actions, Jenkins, and Argo CD-to help you understand the essence of modern app delivery. Later, you’ll operate your container app in production using a service mesh and apply AI in DevOps. Throughout the book, you’ll discover best practices for automating and managing your development lifecycle, infrastructure, containers, and more. By the end of this DevOps book, you’ll be well-equipped to develop and operate applications using modern tools and techniques.

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Windows Server 2022 & PowerShell All-in-One For Dummies ($30.00 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

All the essentials for administering Windows Server 2022 in one book. Looking for a little help installing, configuring, securing, or running a network running Windows Server 2022?Windows Server 2022 & PowerShell All-in-One For Dummiesdelivers a thorough guide to network administration in a single, convenient book. Whether you need to start from scratch and install a new server or want to jump right into a more advanced topiclike managing security or working in Windows PowerShellyou’ll find what you need right here. In this 8-books-in-1 compilation, you’ll: Learn what you need to install and set up a brand-new Windows server installation. Configure your Windows Server and customize its settings based on your needs and preferences. Discover how to install, configure, and work with Containers. The perfect book for server and system admins looking for a quick reference on Windows Server operation, this book is also a great resource for networking newcomers learning their way around the server software they’ll encounter daily.

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Customer Data Platforms: Use People Data to Transform the Future of Marketing Engagement ($15.00 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

Master the hottest technology around to drive marketing success. Marketers are faced with astarkand challenging dilemma: customers demand deep personalization, but they are increasingly leery of offering the type of personal data required to make it happen. As a solution to this problem,Customer Data Platforms have come to the fore, offering companiesaway to capture, unify, activate,and analyze customer data. CDPs are the hottestmarketingtechnologyaroundtoday,but arethey worthyof the hype?Customer Data Platformstakes a deep dive into everything CDPso you can learn how to steer your firm toward the future of personalization.. Over the years,many of ushave built byzantine “stacks” of various marketing and advertising technologyin an attemptto deliver the fabled “right person,right message, right time” experience.This can lead tosiloed systems, disconnected processes, and legacy technical debt.CDPs offer a way tosimplify the stack and delivera balanced and engaging customer experience.Customer Data Platformsbreaks down the fundamentals, including how to:. Understand the problems of managing customer data. Understand what CDPs are and what they do (and don’t do). Organize and harmonize customer data for use in marketing. Build a safe, compliant first-party data asset that your brand can use as fuel. Create a data-driven culture that puts customers at the center of everything you do. Understand how to use AI and machine learning to drive the future of personalization. Orchestrate modern customer journeys that react to customers in real-time. Power analytics with customer data to get closer to true attribution. Inthisbook, you’ll discover how to build 1:1 engagement that scales at the speed of today’s customers..

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Tackle What’s Next: Own Your Story, Stack Wins, and Achieve Your Goals in Business and Life ($16.00 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

Transform the next chapter of your life into the best one yet. InTackle What’s Next: Own Your Story, Stack Wins, and Achieve Your Goals in Business and Life, NFL veteran and motivational speaker Eric Wood delivers an inspirational and insightful take on how you can prepare for the next big thing in your life. Whether you’re riding high or feeling low, the author shows you how to make your “What’s next?” into your best yet. In the book, Wood draws on his own experiences transitioning out of his NFL career and provides you with the tools you need to achieve success in your own circumstances. You’ll explore: How to pivot between opportunities when life forces you to unexpectedly change direction. Strategies for closely examining what you’re good at, what you’re great at, and what you can contribute to the world with your unique combination of gifts and talents. Ways to adjust your perspective to maintain resilience and toughness in the face of adversity. A can’t-miss read for anyone looking for proven and straightforward ways to make the next chapter of their life even more exciting than what’s come before,Tackle What’s Nextis your own personal handbook to achievement, resilience, and success.

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Cybersecurity and Decision Makers: Data Security and Digital Trust ($142.00 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

Cyber security is a key issue affecting the confidence of Internet users and the sustainability of businesses. It is also a national issue with regards to economic development and resilience. As a concern, cyber risks are not only in the hands of IT security managers, but of everyone, and non-executive directors and managing directors may be held to account in relation to shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, banks and public authorities. The implementation of a cybersecurity system, including processes, devices and training, is essential to protect a company against theft of strategic and personal data, sabotage and fraud. Cybersecurity and Decision Makers presents a comprehensive overview of cybercrime and best practice to confidently adapt to the digital world; covering areas such as risk mapping, compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, cyber culture, ethics and crisis management. It is intended for anyone concerned about the protection of their data, as well as decision makers in any organization.

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