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[FREE EBOOKS] Software Testing Strategies, Multi-Cloud Strategy for Cloud Architects – Second Edition & Four More Best Selling Titles

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Software Testing Strategies ($39.99 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

Software Testing Strategies covers a wide range of topics in the field of software testing, providing practical insights and strategies for professionals at every level. With equal emphasis on theoretical knowledge and practical application, this book is a valuable resource for programmers, testers, and anyone involved in software development. The first part delves into the fundamentals of software testing, teaching you about test design, tooling, and automation. The chapters help you get to grips with specialized testing areas, including security, internationalization, accessibility, and performance. The second part focuses on the integration of testing into the broader software delivery process, exploring different delivery models and puzzle pieces contributing to effective testing. You’ll discover how to craft your own test strategies and learn about lean approaches to software testing for optimizing processes. The final part goes beyond technicalities, addressing the broader context of testing. The chapters cover case studies, experience reports, and testing responsibilities, and discuss the philosophy and ethics of software testing. By the end of this book, you’ll be equipped to elevate your testing game and ensure software quality, and have an indispensable guide to the ever-evolving landscape of software quality assurance.

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Multi-Cloud Strategy for Cloud Architects – Second Edition ($43.99 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your enterprise with the transformative power of multi-cloud adoption?. As a cloud architect, you understand the challenges of navigating the vast array of cloud services and moving data and applications to public clouds. But with ‘Multi-Cloud Strategy for Cloud Architects, Second Edition’, you’ll gain the confidence to tackle these complexities head-on. This edition delves into the latest concepts of BaseOps, FinOps, and DevSecOps, including the use of the DevSecOps Maturity Model. You’ll learn how to optimize costs and maximize security using the major public clouds – Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. Examples of solutions by the increasingly popular Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Alibaba Cloud have been added in this edition. Plus, you will discover cutting-edge ideas like AIOps and GreenOps. With practical use cases, including IoT, data mining, Web3, and financial management, this book empowers you with the skills needed to develop, release, and manage products and services in a multi-cloud environment. By the end of this book, you’ll have mastered the intricacies of multi-cloud operations, financial management, and security. Don’t miss your chance to revolutionize your enterprise with multi-cloud adoption.

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Python for Data Science For Dummies, 3rd Edition ($21.00 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

Let Python do the heavy lifting for you as you analyze large datasets. Python for Data Science For Dummieslets you get your hands dirty with data using one of the top programming languages. This beginner’s guide takes you step by step through getting started, performing data analysis, understanding datasets and example code, working with Google Colab, sampling data, and beyond. Coding your data analysis tasks will make your life easier, make you more in-demand as an employee, and open the door to valuable knowledge and insights. This new edition is updated for the latest version of Python and includes current, relevant data examples. Get a firm background in the basics of Python coding for data analysis. Learn about data science careers you can pursue with Python coding skills. Integrate data analysis with multimedia and graphics. Manage and organize data with cloud-based relational databases. Python careers are on the rise. Grab this user-friendly Dummies guide and gain the programming skills you need to become a data pro.

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Getting Started With Selenium Cheatsheet

A Quick Reference to the Essentials of Selenium. In this cheatsheet, we’ll explore the key concepts and practical techniques you need to know to leverage the power of Selenium effectively. We’ll cover everything from setting up your development environment to writing your first Selenium script and handling advanced scenarios. Throughout the journey, we’ll focus on using Selenium WebDriver, the primary component of Selenium that provides a convenient API for browser automation.

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Like, Comment, Share, Buy: The Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Your Business with Video Storytelling ($12.00 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

Take your video marketing to the next level with this practical and insightful resource. Like, Comment, Share,Buy: The Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Your Business With Video Storytellingdelivers powerful and actionable strategies to move yourcompany’sbrand to the forefront of your customers’ imaginations. Celebrated author, speaker, journalist, and consultant Jonathan Creek explains why video is the most impactful medium in which to market online and how you can leverage it for maximum benefit.. Providing a fully interactive experience for readers through the book’s video companionapp,Like, Comment, Share, Buycontains an approachable and comprehensive method to unlock the power of online video and discusses topics like:. How to make social media videos with just your smartphone. The formula to creating contagious,compellingand viralcontent. The scientific research underlying the author’s approaches to social media. Thetools and tips tomarketing your small business on social media. Perfect for social-media savvy entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketing managers, and advertising agents,Like, Comment, Share, Buyprovides a compelling message that deserves to be heard by anyone hoping to increase their online and offline profile..

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WinX DVD Ripper Platinum – No.1 Fast DVD to Digital Converter for Win/Mac ($65.95 Valued) FREE for a Limited Time

If you’ve bought a pile of DVD movies over the past decades, it is wise to backup and digitize your DVD collection to protect DVD discs against damage, scratch or loss, watch favorite DVD movies on smartphones, or put them on an external hard drive, NAS for easy access. If you’ve bought a pile of DVD movies over the past decades, it is wise to backup and digitize your DVD collection to protect DVD discs against damage, scratch or loss, watch favorite DVD movies on smartphones, or put them on an external hard drive, NAS for easy access. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is the right tool for you. Since release in 2009, it has over 70 million users, with 3,600,000 DVDs processed per year. In celebration of Easter holiday, the developer kicked off an exclusive giveaway for TradePub users to get a licensed copy of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Win/Mac for free (originally worth $65.95). Main Features: Convert DVD to MP4, ISO, FLV, AVI, MOV, MP3, TV, NAS, PC, Mac, game console, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. Supports any DVDs, including newly released DVDs, old DVDs, 99-title DVDs, non-standard DVDs, regional DVDs, workout DVDs, movie/TV Series DVDs, damaged DVDs, etc. Backup DVD to ISO image, video folder, MPEG-2 files without losing quality. No.1 fast speed. Convert a full DVD to MP4 in just 5 minutes by utilizing Level-3 hardware acceleration tech. 1:1 quality ratio. The High Quality Engine, Deinterlacing, and adjustable HQ encoding tech ensure to rip DVD with imperceptible quality loss. 80% smaller. Rip DVD/ISO image to small MP4 H.264 videos while reserving delicate quality. E.g. the ripped MP4 H.264 file is 700MB ~1GB instead of 8 GBs for a full movie, 80% space saving. Edit DVD: cut, merge, crop video, add subtitle, and adjust parameters. Get WinX DVD Ripper to bring a new life to your DVD collection. The offer ends April 5, 2024. Don’t miss it out!.

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