JFall 2022 – Sharing Cloud Data and DevOps Insights

It’s been a few years since I’ve dropped in on this event, having moved on a bit from the topics they were discussing in my daily work. This year it’s different, I have some interesting ideas I want to try out and this is a perfect venue for it. It’s a one day event on November 3, 2022.

Below the three talks I’ve submitted to their CFP.

The following talks are targeting two different tracks, one for the Cloud track and two for Methodology & Culture track.

Cloud native development has proven not only to be very hard, but it’s brought new challenges to our developer lives with DevOps practices. We not only have to build, but we have to deploy, monitor, and answer the call when things fail. We’ve all tried to follow the industry tooling vendor’s idea of a cloud native world with the three pillars of DevOps; Logs, Metrics, and Tracing. All that’s gotten us is more Ops and less Dev in our daily lives. Instead of mean time to failure (MTTF) scoring, let’s take a look at reducing your worst time to remediation (WTTR). How about we get a better handle on our cloud data explosion and get back to our first love, creating beautiful things for our customers with our coding? Join us as we show you how it’s more than just logging as the road to success in your DevOps culture. Level up your cloud native DevOps activities to reduce your time spent on operational support and get back to the development tasks you love.

The emergence of cloud native development has changed our developer world with not only coding, but delivery, maintenance, and operational support. This DevOps focus means the Ops in DevOps has been overshadowing why we got into development in the first place. There is hope for us yet if we can just manage to shift the Dev in Ops left to close the gap in our time spent on operational activities. How do we do that, you ask? It’s imperative that developers are given not only the organizational structure to succeed, and even more critical is the ability to reduce time on triaging failures in their deployments. Attendees will be provided with insights into DevOps cloud native tips and tricks to spending more time coding. Join us for an hour of power and learn how you can shift left with your DevOps activities to bring more Dev and less Ops to your daily work.

The daily hype is all around you. From cloud native, multicloud, to hybrid cloud, this is the path to your digital future. The choices you make as a Java developer don’t preclude the daily work of enhancing your customer’s experience and agile delivery of your applications. With all this delivery and infrastructure, there is a lot of data generated when engaging with any cloud experience. Regulatory and compliance pressures force us to store audit and observability data. Understanding the pitfalls around the collection, storage, and maintenance of your cloud data can mean the difference between bankruptcy and success with our cloud native strategy. Let us take you on a journey, looking closely at the decisions you are making as a Java developer delivering and dealing with monitoring your applications. Join us for an hour of power, where real customer experiences are used to highlight the three top lessons learned as their developers transitioned their data needs into cloud native environments.

All that’s left to do now is cross the fingers and wait. Here’s hoping to seeing you in November at JFall!

Published on Java Code Geeks with permission by Eric Schabell, partner at our JCG program. See the original article here: JFall 2022 – Sharing Cloud Data and DevOps Insights

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