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How to Delete Multiple Table Rows

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On to the question. 

How to delete multiple table rows?

A Workflows table provides fast-short term storage for flows. Check out Workflows Tips #20: How to Manage Tables for Fast Short-Term Storage to learn when to use tables.

In this guide you will learn how to delete multiple rows.

You have a table that holds positive and negative numbers. You want to delete all rows with a negative number.

Workflows table

The solution has two flows:

  1. A flow to find all rows to delete (with negative numbers)
  2. A helper flow to delete each row

The main flow searches for rows with negative numbers and passes each row to a helper flow for deletion:

Searching table rows

The flow has the following cards:

  • Tables – Search Rows finds all the rows with negative numbers
  • A list of rows with negative number is passed to List – For Each. For Each calls a helper flow ([Helper] Delete row) for each item passing its Row ID

The Tables – Search Rows options view:

Search Rows options

Search criteria (to change it click on Change link – see above screenshot):

Searching table criteria

To pass a row ID to the helper flow, click the down arrow for Row ID field and choose Item > Row ID:

Setting helper flow input

The helper flow deletes each row by its Row ID:

Delete a table row

After the flow is run all rows with negative numbers are deleted:

After deleting rows with negative numbers

In this short how-to guide you learned how to delete multiple table rows.

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