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Eleftheria Drosopoulou
Eleftheria Drosopoulou is an Experienced Business Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Computer Software Training, HTML Scripting and Microsoft Office. She is currently working as a director of Business Development in Verbose Media ltd. and is the head of the Editorial team for "Java Code Geeks", "Web Code Geeks" and "System Code Geeks" websites.

[MEGA DEAL] The 2021 Career & Self Development Master Class (98% off)

Welcome the New Year with a Better Version of Yourself! This Bundle Gives You 20 Hours of Content on Interview Skills, Speed Reading, Resumé Building, & More

Hey fellow geeks,

This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have another extreme offer.We are offering a massive 98% off on The 2021 Career & Self Development Master Class. Get it now with only $39,99 instead of the original price of $2000.

Interview Skills for Tech Jobs: 15 Brain Teaser Questions

Do you dream of getting a tech job with one of the leading tech companies? If so, you need to be prepared for very tough brain teaser questions that the sector is known for. In this course, you are going to learn how to answer the most widely used brain teaser questions asked in job interviews across the world in the main tech firms – from Alphabet (Google) to SAP. This interview skills course follows the 80/20 principle of effectiveness, focusing on the key brain twister interview questions asked by the major tech firms worldwide. You will be able to answer all the following brain teaser interview questions and more.

This is a 10 Course bundle (469 Lessons) containing the following courses:

  • Job Interview Skills Training Course: Handle Interviews Like a Pro, Wow Your Potential Employer & Land That Job!
  • Interview Skills for Tech Jobs: 15 Brain Teaser Questions: Apple, Google & Amazon Questions You Need to Know for Tech and IT Job Interviews
  • Resume & CV Writing: Industry Expert HacksPass HR & Computer Screening and Get Invited to the Interview
  • Salary Negotiation: Get What You Are Worth: Ace the Salary Negotiation During Your Job Interviews
  • How to Find & Land That Dream Job: Pick the Perfect Job That You’ll Love & Develop a Strategy to Get Qualified
  • Complete Speed Reading for Entrepreneurs Course: Create an Almost Magical Ability to Connect Ideas & Maintain Rapid Momentum in Your Business
  • Interview Better Than Anyone by an Award-Winning MBA Professor: Get Techniques on How to Ace Interviews & Get the Job of Your Dreams
  • 50 Career & Self Development Tips: Welcome to the New You!: Reinvent Yourself with These 50 Amazing Personal Development Ideas & Life-Altering Personal Improvement Strategies
  • Build the Best Resume+Linkedin Profile by Award-Winning Prof: Get Your Dream Job by Knowing Exactly How to Format & Create the Perfect Resume & LinkedIn Profile
  • Interviewing Skills: Ace the Job Search in 2021: Impress Your Future Employer with Only the Best Answers to All Interviews
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7 months ago

It is a nice offer. But the original price is 2000$. It is not worth it for sure. I do not even think that price is justified. Now there are a lot of helpful materials on Youtube we can get for free. When I was looking for those santa rosa jobs, I found a lot of free tips on how to improve your CV and prepare for the interview. What do you guys think about that material?