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How to Get a Job as a Web Developer

This is an updated course to keep up with the changing technologies. This course now includes the secret way to get a job interview without submitting a resume. It’s not really a “secret” it’s just a technique that nobody talks about — until now. It’ll change the way you look for a job as a web developer! In this course, you’ll also learn how to bypass submitting a resume to strangers, and how to get an interview with your dream company.

This is a 14 Course bundle (439 Lessons) containing the following courses:

  • Web Design JavaScript Frontend Code Course: Explore How to Write JavaScript Code to Create Interactive & Dynamic Web Pages
  • Website QA for Web Designers: Work More Efficiently with Your Developer to Make Your Websites Pixel-Perfect
  • HTML 101: A Beginner’s Guide to CodingEverything You Need to Know About HTML, Basic to Advanced
  • HTML 201: Intermediate level HTML: Create an HTML Page with a Layout, Add a Title, Navigation, Some Written Content, an Image & A YouTube Video
  • CSS 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Beautiful Websites: Make Your Websites Look & Feel Great by Mastering CSS
  • CSS 201: Intermediate level CSS: Learn More Advanced CSS & Be Able to Design Any Website in the Future
  • CSS 301: Responsive Web Design: Create a Page Layout Using Flexbox & Make the Template Responsive
  • Understanding How Websites Work: A Glimpse Into the Request/Response Lifecycle
  • Web Development Fundamentals: Tackle Common Myths About Web Development & Common Questions People Have
  • HTML5 Canvas Element: Quick Introduction to Canvas HTML5: Create Your First Interactive Battle Game with Computer Brain & Dynamic Values, Using HTML and Canvas
  • HTML5 Canvas: Create 5 Games & 5 Projects: Amazing Effects with JavaScript on the HTML Canvas Element
  • JavaScript: Create 5 Fun Word Games: Build 5 Amazing Interactive Games Perfect for Kids Using JavaScript
  • JavaScript Math Games: Project for Learning Code from Scratch: Explore How You Can Create a Fully Dynamic Interactive Math Game
  • How to Get a Job as a Web Developer: Tips, Tricks & Industry Secrets to Help You Land That Web Development Job!
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