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Jakarta MVC 2.0 Progress

The work with Jakarta MVC 2.0 goes forward. According to the Jakarta EE Specification Process (JESP), we are now in the development phase where we will release as many milestones as we need until we are satisfied to move on to finalize the specification.

Jakarta MVC

There are already Milestone 1 releases available of both the Spec+API and the TCK in Jakarta Staging in which the namespace switch from javax.mvc.* to jakarta.mvc.* is done. The ongoing work is to update Eclipse Krazo to the new namespace and pass the TCK.

I will use Jakarta MVC as an example for a specification going through the steps involved in the JESP and blog about it here. Follow the Jakarta MVC tag to get them all.

Published on Java Code Geeks with permission by Ivar Grimstad, partner at our JCG program. See the original article here: Jakarta MVC 2.0 Progress

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Ivar Grimstad

Ivar Grimstad is an experienced software architect focusing on Enterprise Java. He is participating in the Java Community Process as a member of the Expert Groups for JSR 368 (JMS 2.1), JSR 371 (MVC 1.0), JSR 375 (Java EE Security API). He is also a member of the NetBeans Dream Team.
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