How much are application errors costing your organization?

application errors

Do you
know how much application errors are costing your organization?

We’ll give you a hint: It’s more than you think.

application errors

There are the obvious culprits that come to
mind, like application downtime, failed transactions, wasted engineering time
and brand tarnishment.

But what about the costs that are lurking
below the surface, adding up to millions of dollars per year?

To answer this
question, we created a tool to help you calculate the true cost of an error, specific to your organization. Based on
your responses, we’ll show you how your application errors are affecting:

  • Your software development life
  • Your overhead costs
  • Your company’s bottomline

Take this 2-minute
to determine exactly how much application errors are costing
your organization.

application errors

Tali Soroker

Tali studied theoretical mathematics at Northeastern University and loves to explore the intersection of numbers and the human condition. In her free time, she enjoys drawing and spending time with animals.
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5 years ago

Great, a tool to help companies to blame developers for their failures. Let’s be positive! What about a tool to calculate how much money your company make with your application?

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