[BRAND NEW] See the quality of your release from dev to production

dev to production

compromise between releasing features quickly and delivering high-quality code.

OverOps recently released their new
Reliability Scoring capabilities, enabling all teams involved in the software
delivery lifecycle to have deeper
visibility in both pre-production and production

With these new features, you can automatically
identify and prioritize anomalies, like new errors or slowdowns, at any stage
of development (including production) and
stop bad code
from affecting

This 3-min video
gives a high-level overview of the new product features, including how you can:

  • Identify exactly which releases contain critical errors and
  • Access the complete root cause of all errors, exceptions and slowdowns,
    including source code and variable state
  • Quickly resolve Sev1 issues even in production

To learn more, visit or schedule a demo today.

Tali Soroker

Tali studied theoretical mathematics at Northeastern University and loves to explore the intersection of numbers and the human condition. In her free time, she enjoys drawing and spending time with animals.
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