Free Webinar: How to Move Fast and Fix Things

Free Webinar

What if it was possible
to score the quality of your deployments based on the error anomalies they

A key challenge in maintaining and accelerating the speed of
software delivery is balancing rate of change and reliability. With teams of
dozens to hundreds of engineers introducing changes at a high frequency, the
ability to identify issues that will have a severe impact early on becomes a
critical requirement.

OverOps’ new capabilities address exactly that, enabling
enterprises to automatically identify and prioritize anomalies for every
version prior to app releases to stop bad code from being promoted to

This webinar, hosted by Eric Mizell (VP Solutions Engineering
at OverOps), will demonstrate how, with OverOps, enterprises can now:

  • Analyze every version in QA and staging, detecting and
    prioritizing anomalies related to: new or increasing errors, and slowdowns.
  • Flag critical anomalies and block releases from
    promotion based on deployment scores.
  • Enable developers to see the true root cause for faster

Join this free webinar to get an in-depth walkthrough of new
features with OverOps’ VP Solution Engineering, Eric Mizell.

Free Webinar

Tali Soroker

Tali studied theoretical mathematics at Northeastern University and loves to explore the intersection of numbers and the human condition. In her free time, she enjoys drawing and spending time with animals.
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