How to Grow Your Career as Java Developer?

First things first. If you’re someone looking to adopt a new programming language to learn and earn then Java is certainly a great option to begin with. For those still struggling to make it out alive from being a Java intern, keep hanging. Much better is to come for the true ones!

The popularity enjoyed by Java programming language can be attributed to a number of reasons. First of all, it flaunts a basic to learn approach. Secondly, the high-level programming language supports a number of platforms. In fact, Java is one of the desirable programming languages to learn in 2019.

Many of the big names, ranging from IBM to Infosys, rely on Java for surviving in the world of IT. Though a lifespan of 22 years isn’t something that can be considered much for the lifespan of a programming language. However, surviving and leading the frontier makes Java one of the most-demanded programming languages across the globe.

In addition, to be able to develop applications that can work across a wide variety of operating systems, Java is regarded as one of the, if not the, most reliable programming language.

The X-Factor of Java

Every programming language that is still breathing has some X-factor that keeps them relevant. Java’s X-Factor is its ease of use and does that flexibly. Not only easy to learn, but the high-programming language is also easy to use, compile, and debug. The simplicity of Java is its biggest advantage over other programming languages.

As Android is based on Java, the concerning market automatically comes under the umbrella of Java. Although Kotlin is giving a fair run for money to Java for Android application development, Java still leads the Android application market as well as the enterprise back-end market. Hence, Java offers a very diverse range of career opportunities among the variety of industries and markets.

Java is an evergreen programming language (at least, for now). Those opting Java as their career option will find it fruitful to bear with the very humble beginnings. However, being a developer is not easy. You need to keep working to stay relevant in the industry. Not sure how to do that? Well, here are some great ways to improve your career as a Java Developer:

1. Attend Developer Conferences and Join Developer Communities

Attending conferences about the latest happenings in Java will give you a boost in your career. It is a great way of staying ahead and knowing what is going on and what can be expected in the near future. As a Java Developer, you can also join various online developer communities. These are great places to share your knowledge and expertise and in return learn from others in your community.

2. Stay up to Date

While you need to stick to several technologies while working as a Java Developer, you need to stay abreast of the latest ongoings too. You must be well aware of the latest programming languages and frameworks that the developer community is using and also keep an eye on the ongoing and upcoming trends.

Stay aware of the latest developments in the programming community here.

3. Develop Soft Skills

Some would argue that technical knowledge is ample for the role of a developer. This is true but for the early phase in the career of a developer. The more you advance in your career, the more is the requirement of soft skills. Three of the most important soft skills that any developer must have are:

  1. Communication – As organizations grow, there is a need for an inter-department collaboration. By means of improving written and verbal communication, you can be the person behind the initiatives rather than one following them in an effectual way.
  2. Problem Solving – Any Java developer needs to be a problem solver. By coming up with opportune and practical solutions to problems, you can be a valuable part to your team and your employer.
  3. Customer Service – Customer service is an important part of any product or service offering. The progress and success of a product depend on the satisfaction level of the consumer. Hence, it is a great approach to work and grows as well by prioritizing customer satisfaction as one of your end-goals.

4. Dive into Open Source

Open source software and applications are great to work with. They let you do some amazing stuff without sparing even a single penny. Many of the open source projects enjoy active community support. Such projects not only makes your skill better but also allow you to implement your ideas in a creative way.

Check out the latest trending Java repositories at GitHub.

5. Go Freelance

There are just so many online marketplaces where you can endorse your services as a freelancer. In addition to making some additional few bucks every month, it offers you an opportunity to learn better. Different projects will introduce to a whole different level of requirements and tasks.

It’s pretty easy to get started as a freelancer. You need to set up your profile at one of the freelance websites, such as Fiverr and Upwork, and then bid for projects.

Sign up for UpWork here.

Sign up for Fiverr here.

6. Keep a Blog

Keeping a blog is very important for any professional these days, especially those concerned with IT. Start learning to write and share your professional views or personal findings via your blog. Making a blog is super easy with WordPress. You can purchase the web space and web address for a nominal fee. However, if you don’t wish to spend money then you can also get a free one!

While writing on your blog, especially when giving out data or numbers, be sure to back it up. You can’t risk having misleading or wrong information on your blog. That’s the ethical thing to do. Remember, neither the Internet nor the good editors tolerate nuisance.

Here’s a WikiHow Tutorial illustrating how to be a good blogger.

7. Know Your Extras

To stand out from the herd, you need to learn some tools that are lesser known to others. This will give you a significant opportunity. You need to learn about these tools and add them to your development routine. Results will be there sooner or later, but rest assured they will be good.

8. Learn Other Programming Languages

Clinging to a single programming language isn’t sufficient in the present scenario. In addition to your primary programing language of expertise, you need to be adequate in other contemporary programming languages. Therefore, keep learning new programming languages. Even if you aren’t able to code exceptionally well in your secondary languages, you should be able to understand code written in them without a doubt.

Python is a major competitor to Java. Know about the clash of the two leading programming languages and their possible consequences in 2019 here.

9. Stay for Not too Less, Not too Much

There are jobs that don’t offer much to carry for the next role. Hence, it doesn’t matter what work you do in such jobs they are just chores, no learning, no fun. Thankfully, being a Java Developer is not. Changing jobs every 6 months or so is not a good sign, however. Invest some more time and be patient in your present Java developer role.

On the other hand, sticking to the same job for more than 5 years is also not recommended. Therefore, keep looking for better opportunities with higher payouts and more effectual ways to hone your skill set as a Java developer.

Saurabh Hooda

I have worked globally for telecom & finance giants in various capacities. My latest venture recommend the online programming courses for every programming language.
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