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Static website generation with Java, Maven and JBake

Did you notice? Last week, we migrated the entire www.optaplanner.org website (1399 files) to build with Java and Maven, instead of Ruby and Rake. On the face of it, nothing changed. But in the sources, for our team of Java developers, it is a game changer. Our java team can now contribute to the website easily. Within hours of completing ...

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Creating High-Performance Web Applications with ActiveJ

In this article, we will create several web applications using a single full-stack ActiveJ framework. 1. Why using ActiveJ? Most of the Java frameworks have common drawbacks: Excessive layers of abstractions that hide the legacy staffTo much overhead, and thus lack of performance and flexibilityFramework specifications are elevated over business logic  ActiveJ’s main concept is to overcome these drawbacks. For ...

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Java 14 New Features

On 17th March 2020, Oracle has released a new version of Java named Java 14, which includes lots of new features, improvements in tooling, security, debugging, and updated documentation. However Oracle also provides you with the older version of Java as backward compatibility so your previous code can still run on older versions, and it’s not that Java 14 has ...

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Java developer must-have skills

1. Overview Java developer needs to have core skills to build enterprise-level software. In this tutorial, we will see the must-have skills for a java developer. 2. Java Developer Must Have Skills For a java developer to develop and integrate business applications, the person needs to have core skills. The person needs to have an understanding of the customer’s vision ...

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Locks In Java

A lock is a thread synchronization mechanism like synchronized blocks. Locks are implemented internally using synchronized blocks. Therefore, we can use locks instead of synchronized keywords in Java. A Lock is more flexible and more sophisticated than a synchronized block. From Java 5 version, JDK provides several implementations of locks, like ReentrantReadWriteLock, ReentrantLock, and StampedLock, etc. 1. Differences between Synchronization ...

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Python vs Java: The Most Important Differences

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article about Python vs Java and their most important differences. Java is an object-oriented programming language. Python is a multi-paradigm programming language. Python and Java are platform-independent languages. In this tutorial, we see the features of Python and Java to see the differences. You can also check this tutorial in the following video: ...

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jClarity: Boost to Java on Azure


In the new age of connected world public infrastructure, the biggest and the most essential two pieces have been the birth and the rise of Java and the OpenJDK. And hence, many companies devote their time and resources in building cutting edge technologies to ensure the industry, in general, has an abundance of quality rich yet free of cost OpenJDK ...

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