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[MEGA DEAL] The 2019 Complete Computer Science Bundle (97% off)

Hey fellow geeks,

This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have another extreme offer.

We are offering a massive 97% off on The 2019 Complete Computer Science Bundle. Get it now with only $39, instead of the original price of $1,450.99.

From 0 to 1 : Spark for Data Science in Python

Analysts and data scientists typically have to work with several systems to effectively manage mass sets of data. Spark, on the other hand, provides you a single engine to explore and work with large amounts of data, run machine learning algorithms, and perform many other functions in a single interactive environment. This course’s focus on new and innovating technologies in data science and machine learning makes it an excellent one for anyone who wants to work in the lucrative, growing field of Big Data.

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This is an 11 Course bundle (875 Lessons total) containing the following courses:

  • An Easy Introduction to Python: Become a Python Programmer in Just a Few Hours
  • Scalable Programming with Scala and Spark: Get Rich Using Scala & Spark for Data Analysis, Machine Learning & Analytics
  • Break Away: Programming And Coding Interviews: Ace Your Next Programming Interview with These Technical Fundamentals & Interview Tips
  • The Web Development Omnibus: jQuery, AngularJS and ReactJS: Master Web Dev Essentials All in One Course
  • Building Voice Apps Using Amazon Alexa: Alexa Skills for Echo & Other Amazon Devices
  • Building Chatbots with Google DialogFlow: Learn About Google’s Answer to Amazon Lex
  • Using Elasticsearch and Kibana: Scalable Search & Analytics for Document Data
  • From 0 to 1 : Spark for Data Science in Python: Make Your Data Fly Using Spark for Analytics, Machine Learning, & Data Science
  • Learn By Example: Scala: Master This Highly Scalable General-Purpose Language with 65 Examples
  • Software Testing Omnibus: Sikuli, Selenium, JUnit and Principles of Testing: Cover 3 Technologies & All of the Underlying Principles of Software Testing
  • Learn By Example: The Foundations of HTML, CSS & JavaScript: Lay the Foundations for Your Web Development Career with Training in HTML, CSS & JavaScript


Michail Kordelakos

Studying at the Department of Informatics at University of Piraeus with specialization in Software Engineering and Intelligent Systems. Mainly created applications in C# and Java. Good knowledge of groovy and SQL. Also completed some online courses about Cryptography from Stanford University.
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