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Java 9, 10 and Beyond: The Future of the Java Platform

Your secret weapon to keeping up with everything that’s new in the Java platform

It feels like ever since the release of Java 9 last September, the whole Platform has gone through some drastic changes. Before we could even wrap our minds around everything that Java 9 has to offer us, we were already marking the release of Java 10. And now, we’re already starting to look forward to Java 11 in September 2018.

Oracle’s decision to implement a faster release cycle for the Java platform means that we have features and updates coming at us faster than ever before. This guide will be your secret weapon to staying on top of all of the new (and improved) features that were introduced in Java in the last year, plus features that we’re still looking forward to.

What You’ll Find Inside:

1. The Elephant in the JDK (Changes to the Future of Java That We Can’t Ignore)
– Project Jigsaw, Project Amber and Incubator Modules

2. Noteworthy API Updates and Changes to the Java Platform
– CompletableFuture, Process API, Unsafe & More

3. Modern Software Reliability
– A short commentary on the current state of software reliability in Java applications

4. The Next Big Thing
– Get a look at the future of Java as we know it

The full guide is now available for download. Check it out.

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