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MQTT.fx 1.6.0 is released!

Here’s the latest MQTT.fx release: MQTT.fx 1.6.0!

Support for Google Cloud IoT!

A few weeks ago some guys from the Google IoT Team asked me to implement support for the all new Google Cloud IoT.

And I am very happy to announce that MQTT.fx 1.6.0 is the first client to support Google IoT Core!

Basically Google is not hosting a full MQTT Broker. They have a MQTT Bridge as a gateway to the Pub/Sub instance in the Google Cloud. You can now turn Connection Profiles into “MQTT Broker” or even “Google Cloud IoT” profiles to add all required parameters to connect and communicate to the Google MQTT / PubSub bridge (
Getting started with Google Cloud IoT).

New: Google Cloud IoT Profile

When in “Google Cloud IoT” mode, some tabs look different then in “MQTT Broker” mode. The topics are automatically prefixed with the Google Cloud IoT requirements (e.g.:
/devices/{device-id}/events). Please note that also “QoS 2” and “Retained” are not available as not supported by Google.

Modified: Publish tab

Modified: Subcribe tab

Anything else?

  • [Fixed] Issue #176: Topic collector doesn’t find topics starting with a leading slash
  • [Fixed] Issue #174: Can’t select subscribe QoS when selecting topic from dropdown list
  • [Fixed] Problem with with topics collector service
  • [Fixed] Collected topics list is now sorted by natural order
  • [Changed] “Auto Reconnect” Option is now disabled as default setting

Get latest installers

As always you can download latest binaries/installers at

Please Report bugs and feature requests  via the issue tracker.

Published on Java Code Geeks with permission by Jens Deters, partner at our JCG program. See the original article here: MQTT.fx 1.6.0 is released!

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Jens Deters

Jens Deters is a Senior Software Developer working in the domain of Aviation Authorities. His main objectives are RIA and Desktop Applications also he loves to play with IoT related stuff.
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