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Java Code Geeks are giving away 4 FREE PRO passes for DeveloperWeek 2018

#DEVWEEK 2018 — The World’s Largest Developer Expo & Conference Series

The DeveloperWeek team has offered us discounted PRO Passes to DeveloperWeek 2018 so our members can attend the event.

DeveloperWeek (#DEVWEEK 2018) is the world’s largest professional developer expo and conference series with 8,000+ participants across: 10+ Conferences, Technical Workshops, 200+ Speakers, DevExec World – the Executive Summit, 90+ Exhibitors at the DEVWEEK 2018 Expo, the DEVWEEK Hackathon — the Nation’s Largest Challenge-Driven Hackathon (800+ hackers), Mentor Mixers, the Hiring Mixer, Area-Wide Partner Events and more.

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended! Here is the list of the lucky winners! (emails hidden for privacy)


We would like to thank you all for participating to this giveaway. Till next time,

Keep up the good work!

Nataly Evagorou

BSc Informatics & Telecommunication, MSc Interaction Design. Her main interests include Web Design, User Experience, UX Research & Design, Accessibility, and Human-Centered Design.
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