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16 Metrics to Ensure Mobile Apps Success

Smart mobile teams know that developing and releasing a mobile app is just the first step in the long journey to delivering a successful and 5-star mobile app. If you have to make your app successful (however you define success – improved brand, more money, more engagement), you need to measure the right metrics, and optimize and iterate your apps to your target goals.

  • At a high level, there are four broad buckets of metrics you need to track for any app.
  • Performance metrics: These IT measures focus on how the user is experiencing the app.
  • User and usage metrics: These data points provide visibility into the user and their demographics
  • Engagement metrics: These metrics highlight how user are engaging with the app
  • Business metrics: Focus on business (revenue etc.) flowing thru the app

If you are wondering – these are a lot of metrics, where do I start? The ideal place to start is to analyze the performance metrics. These are the highest value experience metrics – and if you don’t get them right, the likelihood of finding a large set of users (and business success) will be challenging.


After all, if the app doesn’t work well, i.e. crashes a lot or is very slow or unresponsive, why would users download it in droves or engage with it? There is a very clear and direct correlation between your application’s performance and achieving your desired business outcomes.

Here are some of the most prominent metrics to keep an eye on:

Performance Metrics
1. App crashes
2. API latency
3. End-to-end application latency
4. App load per period
5. Network errors

User, usage & demographics metrics
7. Devices and OS metrics
8. Geo metrics

Engagement Metrics
9. Session length
10. Session interval
11. Retention rate

Business Metrics
12. Acquisition cost
13. Transaction revenue
14. Abandonment rate
15. LTV

16. The mother of all metrics – the app star rating

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