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Quick Start: Spring Boot and WildfFly 8.2 on OpenShift

A really “Quick Start” with Spring Boot, WildFly and OpenShift as opposed to my last, more descriptive article.


Before we can start building the application, we need to have an OpenShift free account and client tools installed.

Step 1: Create WildFly application

To create an application using client tools, type the following command:

rhc create-app <app-name> jboss-wildfly-8 --scaling

This command creates an application using WildFly 8.2 cartridge with scalability option and clones the repository to <app-name> directory.

Step 2: Delete Template Application Source code

OpenShift creates a template project that can be freely removed:

git rm -rf .openshift deployments src README.md pom.xml

Commit the changes:

git commit -am "Removed template application source code"

Step 3: Pull Source code from GitHub

git remote add upstream https://github.com/kolorobot/openshift-wildfly-spring-boot.git
git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master

Step 4: Push changes

The basic template is ready to be pushed to OpenShift:

git push

The initial deployment (build and application startup) will take some time (up to several minutes). Subsequent deployments are a bit faster.

You can now browse to: http://<app-name>-<domain>.rhcloud.com and you should see home page with the form.

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