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About Cagdas Basaraner

Cagdas Basaraner
Cagdas Basaraner is a software engineer graduated from Hacettepe University Computer Engineering department (Turkey), having 5 years professional experience. He is working on JEE web technologies, and also a former developer of information systems using Microsoft technologies and Command & Control (C4I) systems with Java technologies.

Best Must-Read Books for Software Engineers

Here are the CodeBuild selection of must-read software engineering books. Books are grouped according to their content with some description.

  • Reference Books

These Robert C. Martin and Gang of Four books are very fundamental OOP resources for every software engineer.


  • Coding Perfection

These Steve McConnell, Robert C. Martin and Joshua Bloch books are very helpful with increasing your coding skills.


  • Refactoring and Patterns

Refactoring and patterns are very important issues of OOP, which brings quality and maintainability. These Martin Fowler and Joshua Kerievsky books are maybe the best references about this issue.


  • Pragmatic Programming

Andrew Hunt’s and David Thomas’s ‘pragmatic’ approach to programming brings very important viewpoints to software engineering.


  • Project Management

There are many project management books in the market but Frederick P. Brooks Jr. and Tom DeMarco presents very impressive important viewpoints to project management.


Reference: Best Must-Read Books for Software Engineers from our JCG partner Çağdaş Başaraner at the CodeBuild blog.

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Dirk Estievenart
Dirk Estievenart
9 years ago

Excellent choice! I have GoF Design Patterns, Effective Java, Patterns of Enterprise Architecture, The pragmatic programmer and Peopleware. This last one, although a bit dated, is still surprisingly actual.

I would like to add “The Art of Agile Development” of J.Shore & S. Warden (O’Reilly).

All of these books had a great influence on my understanding of software development.

Ilias Tsagklis
Ilias Tsagklis
9 years ago


Jonathan Doughty
Jonathan Doughty
9 years ago

You missed Michael Feather’s “Working effectively with legacy code” – not everything is green field development. Other than that a good set of recommendations.

Daniel Sandberg
Daniel Sandberg
9 years ago

What about Robert C. Martins – The Clean Coder? It is about responsible behaviour and professionalism. Together with The Pragmatic Programmer it should be required reading for all junior developers.

9 years ago

I would add

Growing Object-Oriented Software Guided by Tests.