“Introduction to Spring” Tutorial Series

Hello all,

I am glad to present you this “Introduction to Spring” tutorial series!

It is a series of articles originally written by our JCG partner Michal Vrtiak at the vrtoonjava blog.

A timesheet management application is gradually created in this series and each tutorial builds on top of the previous one. All main aspects of a web application are taken care of, including both server side and client side functionality.

The occurring application can be used as guideline for building your next pet project or just to bring you up to speed with the Spring framework.

So, enough talking, let’s see the code! The parts are the following:

  1. Designing the domain model and the service layer 
  2. Persistence layer – writing entities and configuring Hibernate
  3. DAO and Service layer 
  4. Adding Spring MVC – part 1
  5. Adding Spring MVC – part 2
  6. Adding AOP support

Happy coding! And don’t forget to share!


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