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WebServerSocket with JWebSocket in Java

First, go to http://jwebsocket.org/ to Download 2 package Server and Client . If you want to view Source, plz download source package.

  1. Server
    1. Unzip Server package.
    2. Go to “conf” folde
    3. Choose “jWebSocket.xml” file to open
    4. Edit “jWebSocket.xml” file, add more couple of tag <domain>null</domain> in couple of tag <domains> <domains>
    5. Save “jWebSocket.xml” file.
    6. Turn on Terminal, run Server
      1. Go to server folder contain “/bin/”
      2. type : input command to terminal
        1. For mac or Ubuntu: sh jWebSocketServer.sh
        2. For win : jWebSocketServer.bat
  2. Client :

    1. Unzip Client package.
    2. Run “index.html” file on browser.
    3. Choose Chat to test. Account login : you can find account Login in “jWebSocket.xml” file of Server Package. Login with each account in 2 windows others
      1. username1 : guest – password1 : guest
      2. username2 : user – password2 : user
  3. Result Testing Chat :


Reference: WebServerSocket with JWebSocket in Java from our JCG partner Ha Bogay at the Java Monday Blog blog.

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