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Top 10 Most Popular New Eclipse Plugins

Eclipse Marketplace continues to be the place to discover interesting and relevant Eclipse plugins. There are over 100,000 successful installs/month of Eclipse-based products via the Eclipse Marketplace client. We have a list of the most popular plugins over the last 30 days and all time. I thought it would be interesting to look at what are the most popular new plugins in the last 12 months.

Below is the list of the top 10 most popular new Eclipse plugins that did not existing on Marketplace in April 2011 but are now very popular in April 2012.

1. Maven Integration for Eclipse WTP

– Maven integration with WTP. Also #4 on the most popular chart

2. JSDT jQuery

– jQuery autocompletion support for Eclipse JSDT

3. Groovy-Eclipse

– Groovy IDE

4. ZK Studio

– Eclipse plugin for ZK framework

5. Run-Jetty-Run

– Running a web application in Eclipse should be as simple as ‘clicking run’.

6. ObjectAid UML Explorer

– UML class and sequence diagram editor

7. P4Eclipse

– Eclipse plugin for Perforce code management

8. Bracketeer for C/C++ (CDT)

– Extends CDT to show more context around C/C++ brackets

9. Vrapper

– Imitate vim within Eclipse editors

10. Bytecode Visualizer

– Inspect, understand and debug Java bytecode

Reference: Top 10 Most Popular New Eclipse Plugins from our JCG partner Ian Skerrett at the Ian Skerrett’s blog blog.

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11 years ago

But where is SVN? 
SVN with Maven should be inside Eclipse!

Pablo Lillia
11 years ago

 Not JBoss Tools? Not ADT ? Weird. How much plugins are installed via Marketplace? How much plugin are installed outside marketplace? Maybe that can explain it.

Harish Sharma
Harish Sharma
11 years ago

I like the bytecode visualizer and maven integration plugin useful for me.. the rest I didn’t feel the need to use.. :D

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