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Twitter API on your Java Application

Ever wonder of attaching your tweets to your Java Applications? I searching for the best API out there for this and lucky for me, I found it!


A Simple How To:
The first thing we need to do is to create an application within your twitter account, grant it access and generate authentication tokens (although, the consumer tokens will also work and it will be automatically generated upon creating the application).

1) Create an Application in your twitter account: Go To > Settings > Applications > Developers > “here”. You must login with your twitter account (or the account that you will use in your API).

2) Create your application: Enter required fields.

3) A consumer keys will be given to you. if you’re only looking to read status updates, this is sufficient enough for your needs.

The Code:
For this example, I’m using Eclipse IDE.
1) Create a New Java Project and include the Twitter4j Library (download it here).
2) Create a class and check the code below:

Console Output:

And the Actual Twitter Feed:

Download the code :p


Reference: Twitter API on your Java Application from our JCG partner Alvin Reyes at the Alvin “Jay” Reyes Blog.

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9 Comments on "Twitter API on your Java Application"

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benedek fazekas

what about using spring social? http://www.springsource.org/features/social bit unmature but does the trick and not only for twitter

Sachin Bhat

Hello. I did exactly the way you explained but i am failing to get the tweets on my output window. It is getting terminated. And secondly how can get all the tweets and not the tweets by the user i am following.


Hi! I wonder, how consumer key and consumer secret are stored in a secure way, so it can be accessed by the application. It’s not possible to use some kind of relaying server.


Hi! I’ve tried a lot of method but only your is working, thanks!

shashi ranjan

I just executed your code its working but my requirement is to allow a user to login through twitter credentials.
please suggest


Duuuude! MANY THANKS! I spent the past few hours trying to figure out how to use t4j… you just made my day. Thank you!

I’m beginner in this field and I m using Twitter4j in Eclipse in order to get tweet data for a university project I’m doing and I have stumbled upon a problem. I have successfully created a Twitter Application and obtained the keys; I have included the “twitter4j-core-4.0.4.jar” in the Project by created a lib folder and adding the JAR to it using ‘build path’ > ‘add external archives’ I have built the project and found no errors, however when I run the application as Java Application I get the following message in ‘Console’; ” GetUserStatus [Java Application] C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe” Does… Read more »

point to jdk instead of jre


BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 9 seconds)

I have run it in netbeans 8.0.2
Where is the other output?
Please help