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GWT, GWT-Ext (SmartGWT), GXT (Ext GWT) Common Tasks

I was browsing through some old posts at UI-Programming blog, one of our JCG partners, and noticed that there were a lot of short articles on how to perform some common tasks using GWT, GWT-Ext (SmartGWT) and GXT (Ext GWT).

I believe they could help you with your day-to-day GWT development so I decided to aggregate them all at this post.

So, here they are:

(NOTE: Please let us know if some of these tips are outdated so that we remove them from the list)

GWT-Ext: How to show tooltips for the ColumnTree (tree-grid, tree-column) widget

How to make GWT – GXT applications testable with Selenium?

GWT – How to draw in the browser with GWTCanvas

GXT – How to select items in non-editable ComboBox by pressing keys

GWT-Ext: How to implement a “Distinct Multiple Filter Columns” grid

GWT-Ext: How to simulate a button using images

GWT-Ext: How to enhance an image with mouse events

GWT-Ext: How to set background color and an image icon in the same grid-cell

GXT: How to change the background color of a TextField

GWT: Configure DevMode “port” and “codeServerPort” options

GWT: Date and Timestamp RPC serialization problem

GXT: ImageBundle support

GXT, GWT Ext – Safe call of the “after render” kind of functions

GXT: How to disable the default behaviour for HOME and END keys in the TabPanel?

GWT: Hidden toolbar doesn’t layout the buttons after it’s made visible

GWT: How to show the wait cursor for long tasks

GWT-Ext: HTML POST request to an URL

GXT: Show / hide the borders, individual, on sides of a panel

GXT: How to set tooltip for a grid cell

GWT: How to change title of the window browser

GWT-Ext: How to set the grid cell background color

GWT: How to open a new window using an URL, not RPC ?

GXT: How to set the grid cell background color

GXT (Ext GWT) – How to maintain selection in a grid even after refresh

GWT – Update the CSS images to be used with the ClientBundles

GXT (Ext GWT) – How can I disable the browser’s default right click response?

GWT-Ext automatically resize GridPanel columns

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